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Accidents and health issues rarely happen at convenient times. When was the last time your toddler was sick? The average child can catch as many as six to 10 colds in a single year and, most likely, it was the middle of the night when your young son or daughter presented symptoms that made you wonder if you needed to visit the doctor. If not the middle of the night, then likely it was the early evening — sometimes just minutes after your family physician’s office closed. Luckily, urgent care clinics can provide you an option of affordable and fast treatment without visiting an emergency room.

Studies show that only 29% of primary care doctors provide after-hours services. After waiting minutes on hold you will likely only be allowed to leave a message for a nurse to return at a later time. Isn’t your time more valuable than that?

The after hours urgent care movement began in the U.S. 1970s and since that time the trend has become popular worldwide.

Whether you are one of the five to 20% of Americans who come down with the flu annually, or someone in your family is one of the 6.8 million American who break a bone each year, a quick care health clinic can likely serve your needs. Many of these centers even have onsite labs, X-ray services and pharmacies.

Typical emergency room visits average a cost of $1,500. The cost of seeking treatment at an urgent care facility, however, averages under $150 for urgent care cost.

Some walk in clinics are located at your local grocery store or strip mall, but the majority of these clinics providing immediate care, are located in freestanding buildings. Currently, in just the U.S., there are approximately 6800 walk in medical clinics.

The next time you, or someone in your family needs immediate healthcare, consider visiting an urgent walk in clinic. Since nearly 66% of these medical clinics are staffed with a combination of physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, you will likely find the patient care you need. Whether you are looking for confidential std testing or seeking pediatric care for the youngest members of your family, check out the urgent care locations closest to you.

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