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Technology is inescapable in modern society. Cell phones and cell towers, computers, televisions, lights, household appliances, cars, etc. — no matter where you turn, there is some form of technology in your vicinity. Unfortunately, this means that there are also countless electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, around you.

EMFs are a type of radiation. They are invisible forces that are electric and magnetic, and they are emitted from every single type of technology that exists. They are dangerous because they can interfere with the human body’s natural electric pulses, causing health problems.

There are many health risks involved with EMFs.

-Concentration Difficulties
-Sleep Problems
-Decreased Sperm Viability

-Alzheimer’s Disease
-Parkinson’s Disease

EMFs are widespread and harmful, and technology that is often in direct contact with the body, such as cell phones, are the easiest avenues for EMFs to affect the body. Cell phone radiation and cordless phone radiation can produce bioeffects within the first few minutes of use. Unfortunately, this is not common knowledge. Since 2012, over 6 billion people globally are using cell phones, but studies have shown that very little of them are aware of the risks of EMFs. This is likely due to inadequate EMF safety awareness/limits, as shown by a study conducted in 2007.

Fortunately, there are methods of EMF protection coming to light.

Bioelectric shields, or EMF blockers, are how to block EMF waves from the body. They are commonly in the form of sleek necklaces and pendants that contain materials that disrupt the EMF waves. EMF blockers also come in larger, ornamental pendants that can be hung up inside buildings, and chips that can be inserted into laptops, cell phones, and other devices.

Those who employ the use of of EMF blockers have reported to feel more energized, revitalized, and healthier than their counterparts that do not. EMF protection jewelry/gear can be purchased in many places online. These places are usually EMF safety stores that specialize in creating quality tools to shield people from the harmful effects of EMFs. EMF harms cells quickly and efficiently, and it is advised that the general public utilize these devices.

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