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CPAP machines are commonly used to treat sleep apnea, however, the extent of the machines’ effectiveness is only as good as the quality of their parts.

Certain parts of your CPAP machine will need to be replaced regularly. CPAP replacement parts are important to obtain, and it is also important to know when these parts should be replaced, and why.

Nasal pillow masks are made of silicone that softens with frequent use. They will eventually become too soft to function, and should be replaced about every 15 days. Full face cushions, on the other hand, last longer than the nasal cushions. They, too ,will lose their effectiveness due to softening silicone, but they can last for approximately 30 days before replacement.

Headgear straps will become overstretched with passing time, often leading to the need to over-tighten them to receive a secure fit. This can be uncomfortable to the user, a sign that the headgear should be replaced. On average, this will happen about every six months.

Tube filters are important devices, since they filter out any foreign materials that can be breathed in. They should be replaced about once per month, on average, but more often if they are used in particularly humid or dusty environments. They should be inspected frequently in order to determine their effectiveness. If the filter looks dirty, it’s time to replace it.

The life of the CPAP machine itself ranges about five to seven years, but it’s not a bad idea to have a back up machine on hand just in case. If you do not have an emergency back up and your current machine dies, you will have a tough time obtaining one on short notice.

CPAP tubing can become bacteria ridden over time, which can increase risk of sickness. Tubes should be replaced roughly every three months, or if you notice an unusual odor when breathing in.

Backteria can be transmitted to the tubes through the humidifier, which is why you should replace it every six months. The humidifier’s water chambers may become discolored, cloudy, cracked, or pitted with frequent use. Minerals levels from tap or drinking water are often to blame for the humidifier’s corrosion. Cracks in the humidifier can trap moisture and bacteria, which will be transported into the body, causing bacterial diseases.

CPAP replacement parts can be located by your doctor or through the company you obtained your machine from.

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