Health benefits of therapeutic massages

There are a great many good reasons to get a therapeutic massage. More and more adults are talking to their doctors about ways they can lead healthier lives. At least 54 million American adults talked to their doctors in July 2014 about massage therapy as an option. According to a survey from that same month, at least nine million adults who were 55 years old or older had about 39 million massages between July 2013 and July 2014. That survey was published in the 8th annual American Massage Therapy Association Consumer Survey. Many medical professionals recognize the health benefits of therapeutic massages.

  1. You can lower your blood pressure. Therapeutic massages have been found to be very effective at lowering a person’s blood pressure. Some new research shows that it is very effective at controlling pre-hypertensive women’s blood pressure. The International Journal of Preventive Medicine looked at this and found immediate results that lasted for a period of at least 72 hours after the massage. Other research has found massage therapy can be very effective at lowering blood pressure.
  2. Massages can lower your stress level. People who get regular therapeutic massages tend to have lower stress levels than people who do not. When people get a massage, they have lower insulin and cortisol levels and a lower heart rate. Stress is a major contributor to a number of health problems that can lead to serious complications.
  3. People who get deep tissue massage therapy are more relaxed. The prescription for this from massage therapists is to relax, reset, repeat. During a therapeutic massage, the entire body will enter a rest and recovering mode that is very relaxing. This is a feeling that will last long after the massage is over.
  4. Massages can increase and improve circulation. When people get therapeutic deep tissue massages, the pressure that is created by the therapy can help the blood move better through congested areas of the body. This improves the blood flow and can greatly improve body functions. This is one of the best health benefits of therapeutic massages.
  5. Massage therapy provides relief from headaches. Millions and millions of Americans suffer from terrible headaches. They can either be migraines, which can be debilitating or can be pressure headaches. Either way ,the discomfort that comes from headaches can be excruciating. Massage therapy has been shown to help with both the pain and the pressure that headache sufferers have.
  6. Massage therapies can boost the immune system. When people get regular massages, their bodies make more of the cells that are often referred to as the killer cells of the immune system. This makes the immune system more effective at fighting off infections.
  7. Getting massages can help people recover faster from surgery. When people get therapeutic massages, the body is better able to pump oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the vital organs and tissues in the body. That makes it easier for the body to recover from the surgery. This is a great post-op plan to help people recover faster than they would otherwise.
  8. Massages can help people recover from injuries faster. One of the most popular health benefits of therapeutic massages is the chance to get better after an injury. No one enjoys the time they have to spent recovering from an injury and welcome anything that can be done to shorten the recovery process. It also helps people stay motivated.
  9. People who get therapeutic massages have better posture. Getting massages can help people develop healthy ways to move, sit and stand that promote a better and healthier posture. This is a great way to get into a better posture and feel better about everything at the same time.
  10. Medical massage can help with muscle aches and pains. Most people sit at a desk all day and that inactivity can lead to painful and sore muscles. One of the health benefits of therapeutic massages is the relief it can bring for people with sore muscles from moving too much or too little.
  11. People who get massages have a larger range of motion and are more flexible. We grow less and less flexible as we age. The joints have a tendency to tighten as we age. Massage therapy loosens the joint and people become less injury prone and more flexible.


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