Are you seeking a healthcare professional in your area, but wondering if an urgent care facility will be the best option for you? With over 6,800 walk in clinics in the United States, there are many questions surround these urgent care facilities.

Health Care Professionals are the Same Everywhere

Whether you are going to a nurse practitioner in an emergency room or in a urgent health care facility, you will receive the same level of treatment. Nurses are certified, no matter where they work. If you visit an emergency room nurse, you may wind up paying a lot more than if you visit one at a walk in clinic.

Many people rush over to the hospital when they can?t get provided instant service by their family physician. This may not be the best idea for you though. With premiums being even higher at an emergency room, you could wind up paying a large out-of-pocket fee, even with insurance.

Most Walk in Health Clinics Offer Your Service for Cheap

Most walk in health clinics can offer you services for cheaper because of the facility type. Emergency room nurses charge more because you are going to them for immediate services. It?s meant for emergencies and many people take advantage of this ? which is why the fees of emergency rooms is just steadily increasing.

Insurance companies are also gritting their teeth when it comes to paying the huge fees associated with emergency room nurses. The visits to these facilities can be costly for the health insurance. In order to avoid this, many insurances offer you a discount for going to the walk in clinic. Free copay’s and other incentives are offered by your health insurance to help lower the price for everyone.

A Doctors Walk in Clinic is Just as Efficient

Everyone at a walk in clinic is certified to help you. They require the same credentials as any other doctor or nurse in an emergency room or family medical practice. Most health insurance companies believe that the walk in clinics offer premium services to their customers and that it?s just as safe as going to your family physician.

Since the nurses in the walk in clinic are just as qualified, why would you want to pay more for services? It just doesn?t make sense to be impractical and pay more for the same service you can get at a care facility that offers your urgent health care.

Health Care Matters

Finding the right facility for your health is vital. Go through your local listing of walk in clinics and see if your insurance will offer you the incentives. Let them know you want to avoid the fees of an emergency room nurse and would rather get services from your local urgent care locations instead.

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