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Low testosterone in men (also known as low t) is more common than most people realize. In fact, for men who are 45 or older, 4 in 10 have low t. While this is natural as a man gets older, there are adverse side effects that can happen. It does vary depending on the individual, and will go down by 1% every year starting after age 30. By staying aware of the testosterone levels and reporting any changes to the doctor, men can avoid these issues and even seek hormone replacement therapy. Discussing any noticeable changes with a doctor should occur if a man notices any of these three symptoms. Read on to find out what they are, and how they can affect individuals.

Men Who Have Low Levels of Testosterone Often Have Little Sex Drive

For men affected by low t, they often experience a low sex drive. This can range from not feeling in to mood as often to not being interested in sex at all. While it is understandable, it can have an adverse effect on relationships. Talking over with a partner can generally bring about a better understanding of the issue. But men should also speak with their doctor as well, and see if there is a solution for hormone treatments. This can improve a man?s sex drive and bring about a sense of normalcy within both life and the relationship. Hormone replacements vary based on the level of testosterone that the man has, and all dosages should be discussed with a doctor, including the benefits, risks, and possible side effects a man might face if he were to start or continue treatment.

Low Levels of Testosterone Can Contribute to Depression and Should be Discussed with a Physician

For men who have low t, the possibilities of being more predisposed to depression increase. This might be difficult for individuals who are normally not sad or depressed, and others might notice a definite change in their personality. Testosterone therapy options can help individuals by replacing the hormone and balancing out their system. However, it is not always easy to know that the problem is due to lack of testosterone. It is best to discuss with a doctor and let them know any concerns about sudden mood changes or sadness that the individual is not used to experiencing. By having levels tested for a drop in testosterone, men can feel assured that they are covering all bases when it comes to treating the problem from within.

Men Who Have Sudden Fatigue or Notice a Drop in Their Energy Should Be Aware of Low Testosterone

Low t sometimes presents itself in the form of lack of energy. Like the other symptoms, this can be surprising to the individual when it affects them. Men who previously had a lot of energy to spare and were use to accomplishing a lot may be struggling just to get through the day. When they discover they are not as productive as normal, this can also be depressing and upsetting. Men should know that this is one of many common symptoms of low testosterone, and would do well to speak with their doctor. Discussing how energy drops are concerning and not allowing the individual to achieve what they are normally able to do will allow them to see what their options are. While doctors will often run tests and bloodwork, this is common, and should be considered a vital stepping stone in ruling out issues that are related to low t.

Anyone who notices rapid changes in their ability to get things done and have energy throughout the day, or who feels more depressed than normal, should speak to a doctor. Those who find their sex drive has rapidly changed would also benefit from having this conversation. Many advancements have been made in low testosterone treatment options with more than 50 types out there, and men can discuss with their doctor which one is best for their needs and lifestyle. This condition affects more men than people realize, and they should never feel as though they cannot get the help they need to have a normal and fulfilling life.

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