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Even when you do your best to maintain a healthy lifestyle, complete with the proverbial proper diet, exercise, and regular energy and healing treatments, health issues may still arise. Furthermore, given normal day-to-day stresses, even a health-conscious person may experience anxiety and/or digestive issues. Then there are other underlying conditions such as sleep disorders and migraines.

Anxiety Disorders

In the United States, it has been found that anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness. In the 18 and older adult population, these disorders affect approximately 40 million adults. This represents 18% of all Americans living in the United States.

While anxiety disorders are treatable, not everyone that experiences these will seek treatment. A recent survey found that only one-third of the individuals that experience anxiety have sought and receive treatment.


At least 50% of people that suffer with migraines are not being diagnosed or treated by a doctor. Even when diagnosed, less than 50% of people that suffer with migraines actually consult a doctor for ongoing treatment.

When you consider that over half of the people with migraines have at least one attack every month, and 13% have at least one attack every week, it’s not surprising that people with migraines experience more depression.

It has been found that people that experience severe headaches, including migraines, are three-times more likely to experience depression.

Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders are prevalent in the United States. It has been found that 50-to-70 million adults have some type of sleep or wakefulness disorder.

These disorders might include sleep apnea, insomnia, and narcolepsy. Other disorders include leg cramps and restless leg syndrome. Snoring may also be a major issue causing interruptions to the natural sleep cycle.

Digestive Diseases

Digestive diseases and related issues are also quite common. It is believed that 60-to-70 million people suffer with these types of diseases. In 2009 alone, digestive disease led to 245,921 people’s deaths.

During 2009-and-2010, there were approximately 51 million visits to physician offices, hospital outpatient clinics, and emergency rooms due to this primary diagnosis.

Many people do seek alternative therapies for digestive disorders. Just one of these includes natural remedies for colic, with which many infants suffer. In addition to natural remedies for colic, there are also natural remedies for insomnia and anxiety as well as holistic migraine treatments.

When you don’t feel well, you want to take care of the underlying issue rather than just treat the symptoms, such as when you look for natural remedies for colic so your baby doesn’t suffer.

When you feel healthy, you want to stay healthy. Just one of the available options is to explore alternative therapies, such as natural remedies for insomnia, anxiety, and other health issues.

Holistic medicine is becoming even more prevalent. Many traditional medical doctors are more open-minded to alternative therapies, such as energy work, as well as holistic remedies for a variety of conditions.

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