It has become cold and flu season once again and there are numerous people headed to medical clinics and urgent healthcare centers for treatment of all types of symptoms. If your family succombs to one of these common illnesses this winter it could mean a lot of restful days on the couch being pumped full of fluids. So how can we avoid getting sick this year? What are some steps you can take with your family to try and keep the germs at bay?

Avoid large crowds if there is a flu outbreak in your area. Being surrounded by people that are sick and may not even know it yet is one of the easiest way to get the virus yourself. Those with the flu are more contagious the first three or four days that they have gotten sick. Sneezing and coughing can send molecules floating feet away from their original launch point, landing on other people and surfaces. If you find yourself in a very busy place try not to touch very many objects around you. Use your sleeve to open doors and turn off taps, observe items for sale with your eyes and not your hands, try to avoid face to face contact with too many people. By avoiding the large holiday crowds you can avoid an urgent healthcare visit.

Try to maintain a somewhat healthy diet. This can be a tricky task around the holidays with all the treats and sugary confections around every corner. It is OK to say no when offered treats and you don’t need to feel like your being rude. If you just can’t say no and take the tasty tidbits pop them in the freezer for consumption when your ready. Most holiday treats freeze very well so this shouldn’t be an issue. Step up the amount of vitamin C you take in. Eating mandarin oranges around the holidays is a timeless tradition and for good reason. They are sweet, tasty, and full of nutrition, not to mention they smell like Christmas. Eat superfoods as often as you can and anything antioxidant rich to keep your gut healthy and immunity up. Just by maintaining a healthy diet you can help avoid heading into urgent healthcare with flu symptoms.

Get the proper sleep your body needs. You would not believe how important it is to maintain a good sleep schedule. Your body heals while you’re sleeping and this time of year can be crazy busy and stressful. Getting a decent sleep can help keep you from getting sick because your immune system won’t be beat up by your tired body. When you feel weak and exhausted that is your bodies way of telling you to get some rest, so listen up. Once your too exhausted to maintain normal life’s functions you may be looking at a trip to seek urgent healthcare. Exhaustion can be a valid reason to get into a walk in clinic or seek urgent care, you may need an IV to replenish fluids or your doctor may put you on bed rest from work. This is something you will want to avoid especially around the holidays.

By taking these steps during the winter months you can stay healthy and enjoy the holiday season without a seasonal illness. Nobody wants to be stuck in urgent healthcare clinics around the holidays and you might be lucky enough to avoid it altogether as a family if you get enough sleep, nutrition and avoid too many sick people.

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