Do you want to be able to see a doctor when it is convenient for you? This is a real concern for many working adults. When a trip to your primary care physician isn’t possible due to a tight schedule, an urgent care facility could be a good choice.

What’s Your Plan If You Get Sick?

Some illnesses just won’t go away on their own. About 1 billion people get at least a cold each year. Catching the common cold could take up about two weeks to recover from with proper rest. But a bacterial infection such as pneumonia needs the attention of a doctor. It’s knowing which one you’ve contracted that can get tricky.

When Should You Go to the Nearest Urgent Care Facility?

An urgent situation is not an emergency. The difference lies in the damage that could be done if the problem were not addressed promptly. In cases of emergencies, a person could lose their life or a limb if they did not receive the attention of a doctor quickly. In the case of an urgent illness or injury, the concern is that a person could experience severe repercussions if not taken care of in a reasonable amount of time.

Is an Urgent Care Facility a Good Choice?

How often have you wanted to see your doctor within a reasonable time and been unable to? It is not uncommon for a patient to wait a few weeks or longer for an appointment. If you’re worried about the specifics of your illness, that timeframe is unacceptable. On top of that conundrum, you also must consider if the available time slot will even fit your work schedule. About 85% of urgent care clinics are open seven days a week.

How Can I Find Great Urgent Care Clinics In My Area?

Finding any urgent care center near you shouldn’t be difficult. It’s finding one that is well-suited to your needs that is going to require some thought. For example, adults with a strict schedule might prefer a walk in clinic so that they can go when they have time. Other people might want an urgent care center with extended weekend hours for when their children are sick and the pediatrician’s office is closed.

An internet search could quickly show the nearest clinics in your area. The trick to finding a great urgent care clinic is to know what you need in a clinic, do a little research, and take down the information so that you have it when you need it.

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