Today, Americans have a bigger selection than ever for personal care and beauty products, as well as services such as massages and spas that can relax and rejuvenate the mind and body alike. Getting better personal beauty or health does not have to involve expensive or risky surgery or medical procedures; instead, visiting one’s local spa or massage parlor can effectively keep them in good health and soothe the mind, and personal beauty products are market that is growing all the time. Retail spa products are out there for customers who visit their local spa, and personal care such as facial kits, massage supplies, professional hair removal products, pedicure supplies, and more are available from retailers who specialize in all this, whether at a local store or online in a retailer’s online catalog. What can a customer expect from a local spa or massage, and why is this such a great route for good health?

The Market for Beauty and Skin Care

Products that promote and maintain personal beauty and health are always popular, and recent data can show just how robust these industries are. As of 2016, for example, the two best selling skin care products for that year were facial cleansers (selling 205 million units), and acne treatment products, which sold 101 million units that year. A different survey in 2017, for another, showed that 52% of American consumers were using skin care products every day, and as of 2018, many women, around 104.24 million of them, reported using nail polish or other nail care products. All of this and more shows a strong and popular market, and customers can find retail spa products or massage tools online or at local retailers, if they know where to look. In fact, personal beauty expands to the eyebrows. Women often visit eyebrow salons or buy kits for eyebrow care, and this involves dyeing the eyebrows different colors along with using microblade techniques to groom the eyebrows and make them appear fuller. Often, customers will share photos of their finished eyebrows on social media like Instagram, and often use relevant hash tags to declare a job well done. On a final note, in the near future, as soon as 2024, the global skin care market may reach as much as $180 billion.

Finding the Right Gear

Personal health and beauty products are always available to buy, and an interested customer can get recommendations from their local hair, nail, or eyebrow salon crew to find the right products for them, and the same can be done for massage or spa treatment products. Many shopping malls and other shopping centers should have popular retailers that sell spa equipment or eyebrow or hair dye kits, and the store associates can also help the customer find the right product for them based on their needs and their image of personal beauty. And in case a person cannot find what they are looking for at a local retailer, they can visit a retailer’s website and browse their catalog.

Buying items online, known as e-commerce, has rapidly grown in the last few years to compete with in-store retailers, and many brand names may expand their markets to the Internet to stay competitive. Any good retailer will have a catalog that is easy to navigate and find items with. A search engine can help any customer find what they are looking for, and having the right description tags on all items will mean that a customer can sort and arrange the items in a catalog however they want to compare price or features. Items should also have clear, high-quality images, which is important for helping a customer find just what they need.

Spas and Massages

Retail spa products can be bought and used at a spa, or just rented, and besides retail spa products, a customer can also make use of the right massage tools for the best possible massage at a parlor. A good massage will loosen tensed muscles and increase blood blow and soothe joint or nerve pain, and this can relax the mind. Often, a massage session, or several, may be part of a broader recovery program, such as for an athlete recovering from injury. Spas are good for the skin, using steam to help ward off bad skin conditions.

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