It is perfectly normal for a person to sometimes suffer from mild wounds or illnesses during everyday life, and should a child or adult have medical need, they should be taken to an urgent care center right away. Some adults can in fact take themselves to an urgent care center or a walk in clinic, and a child may be driven there by a concerned friend or family member. When the time comes for visiting medical care clinics, a responsible adult may look up local urgent care clinics online with a PC or a smart phone to find clinics near them. This search may be narrowed down with the seeker’s ZIP code or city, such as “urgent car near me Arlington VA” or “medical treatment near me South Tampa Bay FL” to find local results. Each nearby clinic’s name, address, and hours of operation may be listed online, giving seekers what they need to know to visit them.

About Urgent Care Clinics

These clinics are distinct from emergency care and medicine, and instead, urgent care clinics will focus on everyday, non life-threatening wounds, illnesses, and other conditions. Such clinics are not typically specialized for a particular arena of health or a patient’s age or sex, meaning that nearly anyone may visit them to get help. They are generalists, in short, open to all patients who visit them. These clinics are highly numerous across the United States today, with man thousands of them to be found in cities and towns alike, and nearly every community will have at least one. Some such clinics may even be open 24 hours a day, admitting patients at any time of day or night. Others are not, so a seeker for such a clinic may want to check these details online. This may be especially important if they are looking for a clinic an odd time of day, such as 3:00 AM or so.

These urgent care clinics tend to be small and independent, although they may also sometimes be grouped and linked into small local networks with one another. They may be free standing buildings, built into strip malls, or even incorporated into a retailer or a hospital. In the case of retail clinic, these clinics are found in large retailer such as Target, Walmart, and Walgreens, making use of how popular these retailers are and their ample parking spaces. In fact, a shopper at such retailers may visit for their daily shopping, then stop by the clinic. Urgent care centers often have clinics in them, including retail clinics, where shoppers may get drug prescription refills. Meanwhile, urgent care clinic are often built into hospitals for convenience, but one should note that the medical services offered at the clinic, and their staff, are separate and distinct from those of the hospital at large. A patient at a hospital’s clinic may get treatment there and completely ignore the rest of the hospital.

These urgent care centers are staffed with nurse practitioners and physicians who can treat a wide variety of non life-threatening health issues, and these clinics, if running smoothly, may see about three patients per hour. The patients may also expect a wait time of around 15 minutes or so, and they can check ahead of time if the clinic will accept their particular healthcare insurance policies.


What sort of conditions are treated at these urgent care centers? This is where everyday and minor wounds and illnesses may be treated, and such clinics, as mentioned above, often have pharmacies so that guests may get their prescription drugs refilled. A patient may visit urgent care, for example, if they are suffering from an ankle or wrist sprain. This is common, as nearly 25,000 Americans suffer ankle sprains per day, such as while playing sports. About four in five such clinics may also treat bone fractures, and they may also take care of broken fingers or toes. Patients at these clinics may also get stitches or bandages for shallow cuts, such as if they stepped on broken glass or mishandled a knife. Here at the clinics, patients may get medicine as relief against the common cold or flu. Patients may also visit because of an upper respiratory infection or other issue.

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