Unlike the other Great Apes like chimpanzees and gorillas, human beings are designed by nature to move and exert themselves every day. This goes back to pre-historic times, when early hominids used spears and weapons and chased down game animals for good. This was a contrast to tree-dwelling, fruit-eating primates both then and now. What does this mean for people today? While no one is chasing game animals anymore, the human body still “remembers” that lifestyle, and it in fact can reward exercise and punish sedentary behavior. And with today’s fast food, electronic screens and desk jobs, sedentary lifestyles have become the norm. In fact, many developed nations are seeing a sharp rise in obesity rates, and this can cause all sorts of health problems for overweight or obese individuals. The good news, meanwhile, is that anyone can change their diet and any able-bodied person can start an exercise program to reverse this trend and stay healthy.

Why Obesity Happens

A number of factors may lead to a person’s obesity, but two main causes are today’s poor diets and exercise habits. On the former topic, modern diets, such as in the United States, include a lot of fast food and processed food. Such food are not wholesome and organic; rather, they include a lot of added fats, sugars, and oils that are designed to make the food taste better. Another consequence of this is a clot of extra calories, especially from the sugar, and this soon appears on people’s waistlines. Fast food has become much more common since the 1970s, and processed food is often cheaper than more natural foods are. This is a major reason why nearly one in three American adults is obese today, and kids are facing their own rise in overweight statistics.

Besides bad diets, adults and kids today often fail to get enough exertion. This is especially a problem for those under 18, since exercise and gross motor skills are critical for mental development and acuity. Many of today’s kids are spending a lot of time using electronic screens, even hours per day on school days. Adults, meanwhile, often fall short of the recommended exercise requirements set by the American Heart Association and have sedentary lives with television and desk jobs. What can be done about this?

Weight Loss Programs

A person interested in a new lifestyle diet plan and weight loss program may first look for professional guidance on how to do this. A new diet may involve some radical changes in how that person eats, and they should consult a nutritionist to make sure that the new diet is safe and effective. Conditions such as Celiac disease, lactose intolerance, and other allergies may require professional advice on how to handle a new diet. As for exercise, a person may want to consult his or her doctor to find out their safe limits on exercise routines. A person may have some physical complications such as a bad back, recent surgery, a heart problem, or something similar.

Once all of this is figured out, the person may transform their lifestyle and boost their health. The diet involves cutting out all fast foods and processed foods, and replacing them with fruits and vegetables, whole grains like wheat, protein like eggs and chicken, beans, and dairy like cheese and milk. This new diet may open up all sorts of new recipe and meal ideas, and even someone with dietary restrictions may find many new ways to eat and boost their nutrition.

As for exercise, there are many options, such as cardio and weight training. A person may visit their local gym for weight training, and even take part in a class or hire a private instructor for fitness. Exercise can involve cardio such as swimming (works out all the muscles), jogging, bicycle riding (which can also be done for commuting), and martial arts. Learning an art like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing, karate, and others may allow the trainee to build up many different muscles, burn fat, and also teach new skills and also self defense. Sports such as basketball, soccer, rugby, tennis, and more are also fun and engaging ways to get a workout. Overall, this lifestyle may be highly rewarding.

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