As bicycles make their way from more utilitarian roles from the recreational roles they have played in the past, it should come as no surprise that Nitto front racks, custom wheel builders, and toe clips for bicycles become increasingly common. Did you know, for instance, that there are an increasing number of communities that are building dedicated bike lanes that allow a growing number of people to bike to and from work. And while some riders bike the whole way into the office, there are also some people who bike to a public bus stop and finish their commute that way. For these reasons, there will likely continue to be a need for Nitto front racks and other accessories.

Being able to clamp a lunch box or a small briefcase with laptop on the front of a bike means that a worker is able to get the exercise that they want and still be productive when they arrive at work.

Is Your Bicycle Designed for Competitive, Recreational, or Functional Riding?

No matter what your riding goals are, it is important to equip your bike with all of the best accessories. From different kinds of frames, seats, peddles, and brakes, there are many ways that you can make sure you have the right kind of bicycle for what your needs are. Consider some of these facts and figures about the many ways that people begin, and then continue, their bike riding habits, as well as the impact they have on the economy of the nation:

  • Biking to work burns as much fat as spending 40 minutes at the gym five days a week, according to a 2017 study.
  • The latest research indicates that bicycles save more than 238 million gallons of gas every year.
  • Most children are ready to ride a bicycle by the time they are five years old, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • Different kinds of bikes require different kinds of maintenance. For instance, High pressure road bike tires should be pumped up at least once a week; hybrid tires every two weeks; and mountain bike tires at least every two to three weeks.
  • The amount of energy and resources that are used for the creation of one single car can be used for the creation of up to 100 bicycles.
  • More than 100 million bicycles are manufactured worldwide every single year.

Whether you are trying to lessen your carbon footprint or you are looking for a way to get some exercise while you travel to and from work, there are many reasons to take up bike riding. Get your Nitto front rack and other gear ready because spring has arrived and the weather is warming up! Are you ready to go for a ride?

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