When your loved one has intensive healthcare needs, you don’t have to struggle to support them on your own — you have options. While in the past, you may have had to choose between giving your loved one 24 hour care in a nursing home or giving them a few hours of care in their own home, that is no longer the case. Many home health companies offer 24 hour care services.

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Unlike live-in care services, 24 hour care services are truly continuous. A live-in carer has to spend time taking care of themselves while “on the clock.” With a 24 hour care service, multiple personal care attendants will be around continuously to support your loved one. With round-the-clock care, any possible life-threatening event is much more likely to be caught and handled in a timely manner, which could extend your loved one’s life.

In addition, if your loved one needs palliative care or hospice care, they won’t ever be neglected — someone will always be there to support them through this difficult time and help them manage their pain. In-home nurses can help them manage any injuries and all of their prescriptions with compassionate care.

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