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Low testosterone is thought to affect more than 13 million men in the United States but incredibly, only 10% of those who have it will receive treatment. Low testosterone, otherwise known as testosterone deficiency or “low T,” is a serious medical condition that, if left unchecked, can lead to grave repercussions. Symptoms of low T include increased body fat, reduced muscle mass, lowered libido, lack of focus, chronic fatigue, poor sleep, and depression. Some researchers also make a link between low T and decreased life expectancy.

With so many serious symptoms, you may be puzzled as to why up to 90% of men with the condition do not receive treatment. One reason why is because doctors and researchers are only beginning to understand how low T works. Another reason (perhaps the more prominent one) is that the symptoms are often mistaken as natural products of aging. Indeed, testosterone levels in the adult male typically reach their peak around age 30 and subsequently decrease by 1-2% every year. Many men make the mistake of confusing getting older with a more serious medical condition.

Regardless of the reason, it is important for any man who suspects he might have low T to seek testing and, if diagnosed, treatment. Fortunately, low T is perfectly treatable, and a relatively-new treatment option, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), has been proven to effectively increase a patient’s testosterone levels to normal. What is TRT? TRT involves the administration of synthetic hormones to the body. Delivered via a number of ways (injections, pills, gels and creams, and small pellets embedded under the skin), the therapy can return a man’s quality of life back to normal in a matter of weeks.

Testosterone replacement therapy is not without its controversy. Then again, any kind of medical treatment, even the most innocuous, comes with its risk. If you or someone you know notices a lack of focus, lowered libido, or other low T symptoms, be sure to get it checked out immediately.

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