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There are many medial conditions and symptoms that people suffer from on a daily basis. The list of these ailments and symptoms tends to grow as we get older. Fortunately, many of these problems can be minimized or corrected entirely with changes to diet or specific antioxidant supplements lists. Some of the most common symptoms and antioxidant supplements lists include hormonal changes, immune system support, indigestion, and dietary assistance.

Hormonal changes
Hormonal changes occur from a variety of causes. They can be caused by medication usage, monthly cycles and pregnancy, or aging. One of the most common hormonal changes occurs when women enter into menopause. The body stops producing important hormones and the person might experience hot flashes and other bodily changes. Antioxidant supplements lists can be used to alleviate occasional hot flashes. The hormonal balance supplements can be used to better regulate the hormones within the body.

Pregnancy and nursing is another important time for hormonal support. The body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy and breast feeding requires an increase in the body?s nutrients for the most benefit. The breastfeeding baby may also require supplements when certain nutrient levels are low in the breastfeeding mother. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that exclusively and partially breastfed infants receive supplements of 400 IU a day of vitamin D shortly after birth and continue to receive these supplements until they are weaned.

Immune system support
Our immune systems are constantly working to protect our body from foreign germs and disease. When we are overcome with a sickness, the immune system has to work even harder to recover and to continue to protect the body. When you feel fatigued or ill, it can be helpful to supplement your body with immune system support antioxidant supplements lists. These antioxidant supplements provide support to the immune system, until it is able to recover. Some even believe that antioxidant supplements can help the body to recovery from illness much quicker.

Indigestion is actually a very common medical problem. Hundreds of thousands of people experience uncomfortable digestion problems after eating. They may experience bloating, gas, or even constipation. Supplements for digestion can help the body to digest quickly and more efficiently. In many cases, indigestion is caused by lack of fiber and protein or other important nutrients that aid in digestion. Adults should eat a minimum of 0.8 grams of protein for every kilogram of body weight daily that is about 58 grams for a 160 pound adult, according to recommendations from the Institute of Medicine. If you struggle to keep up with this daily recommended amount, supplements can be helpful and oftentimes, necessary.

Dietary assistance
There are numerous nutrients and ingredients that are recommended for a healthy daily diet. Yet, many people fail to meet all of these recommendations with their dietary choices. Vegetarians, for example, tend to miss a lot of needed nutrients. The just released Vegetarianism in America study, published by Vegetarian Times, shows that 3.2% of U.S. adults, or 7.3 million people, follow a vegetarian based diet. Approximately 0.5%, or 1 million, of those vegans, consumes no animal product at all. Although there are health benefits to the vegetarian diet, there are also limitations to it. When needed dietary items are missing in the daily diet, cellular supplements and ingredient supplements should be used.

Supplements were designed to make up for dietary and hormonal deficiencies. They have shown to be extremely effective in reducing side effects of poor diets, medical conditions, and lacking hormones. They are considered to be a safe alternative to other methods. Some of the most common uses for over the counter dietary supplements include dietary limitations, hormonal changes and support, immune system support, and indigestion. However, there are also hundreds, if not thousands, of other vitamins available to supplement a variety of other medical conditions and side effects.

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