What does a cpap machine do?

CPAP therapy stands for continuous positive airway pressure. This type of therapy is used to help those that suffer from sleep apnea. Research shows that sleep apnea is an ailment affecting about 18 million people in the United States. Use of a CPAP machine involves the user wearing a device that supplies a steady stream of air which reduces apneas from happening. However, there are common problems that can happen when you are starting to use a CPAP machine. In this post, you will learn common CPAP mistakes and how to remedy them.

  • Mask Feels Out of Place while Worn: Some people find that wearing a CPAP mask feels odd in the early stages. One helpful hint is to practice wearing the mask at home when you aren’t asleep. In many cases, wearing a mask feels odd for most adults. However, the benefits of wearing a CPAP mask greatly outweigh any initial uncomfortable feelings. The more your practice wearing a CPAP mask, the more you will grow accustomed to this device. Finding a store selling discount CPAP mask parts makes mask adjustments inexpensive to make.
  • Not Being Able to Fall Asleep: Once you’ve gotten used to the mask while laying down, you might find that sleep doesn’t come easy. It is common to feel odd trying to go to sleep while wearing a new CPAP mask. However, there are ways to naturally help you fall to sleep easier. One supplement that many take to help promote sleep is melatonin. This supplement is often found at many stores for an inexpensive price. However, you will want to consult with a medical professional before using any supplement, even one as safe as melatonin.
  • Using Mask for Not Enough Time: It is recommended that patients wear a CPAP for four hours over a month, wearing the mask for 70 percent of the time. However, patients may forget this information and wind up discontinuing use far too early. The end result of not using a CPAP machine for long enough is ineffective results which leaves a patient feeling frustrated. Research shows that 80 percent of people using a CPAP machine do not use it for the required duration to keep them in good health.
  • Accidentally Removing Mask During Sleep: If you wake up with no CPAP mask on, it is likely you are accidentally removing it while you sleep. Finding discount CPAP mask parts will help find a fit that works best for you. The best bet for finding the right CPAP mask is one that is snug but still comfortable. In many cases, a mask falling off during sleep is caused by a mask that doesn’t fit the face properly. Discount CPAP mask parts can easily be found that will suit your needs. Apneas can be dangerous, if left untreated which makes it wise to find the right mask fit.
  • In summary, there are mistakes that can easily be made when using a CPAP machine. Many of the issues are commonly caused by the CPAP mask. It is common to feel odd wearing a CPAP mask for the first time. However, continuing to wear the mask will help you grow accustomed to putting this mask on when it is time to go sleep. Not enjoying a good night’s sleep because of adjusting to a CPAP mask can happen. Problems with an improperly fitting mask may have a user discontinuing CPAP machine use too early. Finding the right CPAP mask fit is essential to continue this form of sleep therapy.

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