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Many people in the United States may not be aware that they have glaucoma, cataracts, or other significant sight-oriented issues. Since these conditions can lead to blindness in 1 or both eyes, it’s important to have regular eye examinations.

The Glaucoma Research Foundation conducted a recent survey with 1,000 people. Only 74% of the participants, however, reported that they had their eyes examined every 2 years or on a more frequent basis.

It is estimated that more than 3 million Americans have glaucoma, according to the Glaucoma Research Foundation. Furthermore, just 50% of these individuals are aware that they have this condition.

The World Health Organization reported that the second leading cause of blindness throughout the world is due to glaucoma. In the United States, this condition accounts for 9% to 12% of the total cases of blindness.

Cataracts also adversely affect eyesight. While this condition can occur in either or both eyes, it will not spread from 1 eye to the other. In the United States, over 50% of adults 80 years old or above have been diagnosed with cataracts or undergone surgery for this condition.

LASIK eye surgery has been shown to be effective to treat a variety of issues. In 2015 alone, 21 million LASIK eye surgery procedures were conducted throughout the world, and 596,000 of these were in the United States. By 2020, it is estimated that 718,000 of these surgeries will be conducted within this country. Furthermore, it’s important to note that cataract surgery has a 98% success rate.

To learn more about the different types and stages of glaucoma, cataracts, and other issues that can affect eyesight, it’s important to have regular eye examinations. When individuals meet regularly with ophthalmologists, these medical professionals will be able to note the early signs of glaucoma and other issues.

Early diagnosis can increase the chances of successful interventions with a variety of sight-related conditions. As a result, if an individual notices issues with their eyesight, it’s important to schedule an appointment at their earliest convenience.

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