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Many couples experience challenges in their relationships from time-to-time. These may occur due to daily schedules, workplace stress, and other situations that can create feelings of anxiety or depression. In some cases, however, more serious issues may arise, such as the death of a loved one or another type of family trauma.

Studies on Couples Therapy

When couples have communication issues, or are otherwise unable to openly discuss certain aspects of their relationship, family counseling can be beneficial. The Chicago Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy, for example, conducted research on couples receiving therapy. After the couples had finalized their therapeutic sessions, they found that around half of the participants that received this type of therapy had recovered. In the following 3 months, a total of 70% had recovered.

The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists conducted research that found over 98% of their survey participants stated that they received “good” or “excellent” help from their therapists. Furthermore, more than 97% of the participants replied that they received the help that was needed to address their situation.

Therapists are able to provide individuals and couples with different types of tools to handle their problems. After receiving therapy, 93% of the participants in another survey reported that they had, in fact, developed more effective tools. Furthermore, they also stated that their health had improved and that they were functioning better at work.

Treatment for Depression

Even though men do experience depression, women are 70% more likely to experience it during their lifetime. When being treated for depression, psychotherapy sessions will usually last for 10 to 20 weeks. This does vary, however, on the degree of depression as well as other contributing factors. If antidepressants are prescribed, experts advise that these will usually take 4 to 6 weeks to be of benefit.

Consider Your Treatment Options

If you and/or your partner are experiencing personal issues that are interfering with your daily lives and marriage, you may want to consider family counseling. In general, the cost for these sessions is 20% to 40% less than sessions with a psychologist or a psychiatrist. In the event that medication is recommended, a licensed marriage and family counselor can refer you to a psychiatrist for this.

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