Nearly half of all Americans that work have admitted to suffering from back pain symptoms every year. A spinal disorder can make life painful, uncomfortable, and feel like there is no hope when it comes to stopping the pain. However, there is a new approach to treating spinal disorders that doesn’t involve any type of surgery, physical therapy or medication. You may be wondering what this approach could be.

Dr. Michal Sinel has an approach, which was pioneered by John E. Sarno MD who is his mentor, that is 100% psychological. The approach revolves around how you think in terms of positive thinking. When it comes to spinal disorder rehabilitation, this new approach can help you find a solution to your pain that really works.

Michal Sinel MD has already been featured in television and radio programs, the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times. He has also authored many scientific papers proving his approach truly works for those looking for a safe alternative for spinal disorder rehabilitation. This spinal disorder expert is ready to share his method with you.

Why People Suffer from Spinal Disorders?

There are many reasons why people could be suffering from spinal disorders. You do now have to have suffered from a disease or injury in order to feel back pain. It could be in your mind and you could be unconsciously causing your own pain. This could be due stress, fear or anger in your life. Perhaps you have unacceptable or negative feelings. There are many ways pain can manifest in your life including back pain disorders.

Your brain may be trying to redirect your attention to pain instead of facing what you are feeling. Blood flow is redirected to certain body parts that cause pain. The pain is very distracting and therefore pulls your attention from those unacceptable feelings. There are ways to manage this type of pain, reduce it and get rid of it completely without surgery or medications that could harm your health.

In some cases, abnormalities are found by physicians, but those abnormalities may not be the cause of pain. They could even be completely normal and not have a big impact on your body. Pain may not be associated with them at all.

Is There Help for You?

It can be excruciating thinking that there is no help available for a spinal disorder. Spinal disorder rehabilitation can come in many forms. When you want to learn how to get rid of your pain, attend one of Dr. Sinel’s lectures where you will learn how to do away with your pain. It all starts with identifying stress factors that could be the source of your pain.

You are not alone if you suffer from back pain that is not related to a medical problem. Of course, it is always advisable to be checked by your medical doctor to rule out any ailments. There is relief in your future in the form of spinal disorder rehabilitation. Yoga is one of those innovative methods to defeat back pain. Michal Sinel can discuss such methods with you, as well as many others, so you can defeat pain.

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