There are a lot of people in the United States suffering from back pain. Experts have estimated that over 80% of the population will have the unfortunate luck of experiencing a back problem at some point in their lives. The options for curing back pain disorders may seem bleak. That’s only if you haven’t already been introduced to Dr. Michael Sinel, a spinal disorder expert.

Dr. Sinel’s approach to back pain disorders does not involve the use of surgery, physical therapy or medication. He uses an approach that was pioneered by his mentor, Dr. John E. Sarno. That approach is purely psychological and involves positive thinking.

Why Turn to Dr Michael Sinel?

For quite some time Dr. Sinel has been sharing a new approach to treating back pain disorders. He has been featured in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times as well as on television programs and on the national radio. If you have not been able to find a solution to back pain, it’s time to try Dr. Sinel’s approach.

A lot of times back pain disorders have no disease or injury involved that have cause the pain. That is not to say that the pain is not real, but it could be caused by your mind. Back pain can be caused unconsciously and could be a reaction to stressors in your life, fear, anger or other types of unacceptable or negative feelings.

When those types of feelings are not faced, the brain redirects your attention by producing a blood flow to certain parts of your body that can cause pain like back pain disorders. The pain is a distraction from those unacceptable feelings. Dr. Sinel goes further to say that even certain abnormalities that other doctors have found, may not be what is causing your pain. They could be normal abnormalities that do not have a big effect on the human body. Pain that you may be feeling, may not be related to an abnormality at all.

Pain Sufferers Need Spinal Disorder Rehabilitation

Michael Sinel M.D. provides pain sufferers with different ways to treat back pain. Try one of his lectures that directs you concerning how to get rid of pain. It starts by being led to what may have made you angry, or learning what the cause is of a feeling that is unacceptable. Knowing your stress factors has immense therapeutic power. You will find out how you can overcome serious back pain without exercise, surgery or medications.

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