Long distance cycling is a fantastic form of exercise as well as a great way to see the sights. It’s wonderful for stress release and overall health. However, it can have some drawbacks such as sore sitting bones and perineal areas, which can last for days after you ride. Not only is this uncomfortable in your every day life, but it causes extra discomfort the next time you go for a ride.

Luckily there is a solution to this problem that can make long distance biking a fully great experience without the pain. Selle Anatomica has created a vintage leather bike seat that will change the way you ride forever. Their unique and patented design greatly reduces sitting bone and perineal pain, making distance cycling an even more pleasurable thing to do.

Why Use Selle Anatomica?

Selle Anatomica bike seats have a one-of-a-kind design that will change your riding experience for good. They utilize a special build that moves with your body and takes pressure off the points where you usually end up with lasting pain after biking.

Their vintage leather bike seats are created with a Flex-Fly anatomical slot that moves individually with either side of your body. This means it moves out of your sit bone’s way with each pedal stroke, relieving pressure and allowing your body to move naturally and comfortably.

Their seats also come in different models for people of different weights and who ride for varying distances. This means they have a model that is perfect for the long distance rider and will provide you the best comfort for long bike trips.

Other Accessories for Comfortable Riding

Selle Anatomica doesn’t just sell vintage leather bike seats. They also sell seat posts that are specially designed to absorb vibration and bumps in the road. They help you to achieve a smoother ride on varying terrains. You can buy them in different models depending on your weight and personal needs.

You can also purchase handlebar tape that is made from the same leather as their seats. It provides insulation in varying temperatures and doesn’t slippery when it meets moisture. It can help give you a sturdier and more comfortable grip while riding long distances.

Get the Best Out of Long Distance Cycling

If you take part in long distance cycling, then Selle Anatomica is for you. Utilizing their unique products will give you lasting comfort and turn one of your favorite pass times into an even more fulfilling experience.

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