Endocrinologists focus mainly on the study of hormones. Your body harbors a complex system of hormones that many diseases disrupt, like Thyroid disease or diabetes that has claimed the lives of many. When 50 different types of hormones produced by your body are duking it out within your systems, things can and do go wrong. The discovery of insulin by Frederick Banting and John Macleod changed the nature of the game for diabetics. Because diabetes disrupts your body’s use of blood sugar, insulin is designed to help regulate that. A well deserved Nobel Peace Prize in Physiology of Medicine in 1932 was awarded to both scientists for their amazing contribution to the medical field.

Reducing your sugar intake, any weight loss doctor will tell you, will actually increase weight loss. This is because sugar contains fructose, which the human body does not create. Most of the cells in our body, excluding liver cells, do not actually use it. When the sugar reaches your liver, it is then transformed into fat and sent into your bloodstream. In other words, it is not a healthy to be ingesting large amounts of sugar on a daily basis. It is best used as a treat to indulge in on occasion. If sugar is a part of your diet, regardless of what it might be, then it should be limited to only 10 percent of your energy intake on a daily basis. That is non-negotiable! However, it is best to seek the advice of endocrinologists.

Salt should be held to the same standards as sugar; some is okay, but too much on too regular of a schedule is never a good thing. Simply reducing the amount of daily salt intake to a mere 5g or less by reading labels and spacing out salty meals, can prevent your name from being added to the 1.7 million deaths annually.

Your eating habits can even extend to your children. What you dine and snack on can influence the choices your children make. In fact, a good nutritional balance of foods is absolutely crucial for the cognitive development of your child’s life. Just like adults, arguably even more so, children should have their salt and sugar intake limited for the fostering of a healthy growth cycle.

If you are worried that you might be experiencing a hormonal disease, seek out endocrinologists near you. It is never a bad idea to be safe and sure!

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