Bike riding is a wonderful form of fun and exercise for many reasons. It’s relaxing, gets you out the house to see the sights, and works out multiple muscle groups at once. Plus it’s nice for cardio. It’s no wonder so many people enjoy it.

However, one of the less enjoyable parts of biking is the discomfort that can accompany the wrong bike seat. More often than not the seats the come on a standard bicycle are not up to par and cause a great deal of sitting bone and perineal pain for riders. This can lessen your experience and leave you feeling sore even after you’ve hopped off the bike.

Don’t fret though. There are options for a more comfortable and enjoyable bike ride. With Selle Anatomica’s leather bike saddles you can do away with sitting bone and perineal pain.

Sleek Design and Great Function

Selle Anatomica offers a sleek leather bike seat design that offers a vintage look. It will add class to any bike, but good looks aren’t all they have to offer.

These anatomical bicycle saddles also offer a level of functionality that other seats can’t compete with. They have a unique design with leather that has no break in period and a “flex-fly” slot that moves with your body as you ride. No more painful stiffness under you when you go out on your bike!

Patented Design Made for Different Weights

With the Selle Anatomica leather bike seat you are getting a patented design that no one else can replicate. It creates a one-of-a-kind riding experience that you won’t get anywhere else.

There is also an understanding that not all riders weigh the same and that weight can change the experience. There are multiple models offered with differing layers of leather stiffness to suit your personal needs.

The Most Comfortable Ride of Your Life

If you love biking then this is the seat for you. You can continue doing what you enjoy and do away with the only downside. You can experience the most comfortable bike ride of your life with Selle Anatomica’s patented bike saddles and wave goodbye to sitting bone and perineal pain for good.

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