There were about 7 billion lab tests performed each year before COVID, that number has grown exponentially. Testing is one of the key ways to reduce the spread of COVID. Mobile COVID testing is making it a lot easier for people to get tested. Mobile lab services in Seattle are helping people to get tested faster and get answers faster. A mobile lab like the one in this video can be a game-changer in the fight against Covid.

This video will help the viewer understand the importance of mobile lab services in the battle against the pandemic. Mobiel lab testing allows testing to be done for the homeless and others living in underrepresented areas. In this video, you will learn more about the process and get to meet some of the people that are taking advantage of these testing options.

Mobile labs are popping up all across the country with government support to reach those people that want to be tested but that do not have access to traditional test sites. The services are free in government-sponsored programs whether you have health insurance or not.Watch the video now to learn more about how mobile lab testing is removing Covid testing obstacles.

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