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According to a Gallup survey, “Less than 40% of Americans report being overweight.” Of course, this self-reporting isn’t always reliable. The truth of the matter is that significantly more Americans are actually overweight or obese — more than 66%, in fact. The misconception may, at least in part, result from a lack of hope. Many people believe they are simply unable to lose weight, and they may, over time, also come to the convenient conclusion that they’re “not overweight” or “not that overweight anyway.” Well, there is a better solution. Dispelling some weight loss myths is a good place to start.

Myth: You Can’t Spot Reduce Fat

Okay, let’s be clear: using diet and exercise alone, it’s true — you can’t spot reduce fat. If you are dropping weight through these means alone, the general wisdom is to reduce your overall body fat and, ultimately, that may result in weight loss in certain areas, like your stomach, face, or arms, too. Overweight individuals (individuals with a BMI between 25 and 29.9) and obese people (those with a BMI of 30+) can target specific areas in other ways, however. For example, Zerona body contouring uses non-invasive lasers to remove inches off specific areas of the body. The procedure is virtually painless, without any needles or surgery. Go into it knowing what to expect; ask local clinics about Zerona costs and read Zerona reviews for firsthand experiences to find the very best professionals or rapid weight loss center in your area.

Myth: You Can’t — And Shouldn’t — Lose Weight Quickly

Through rapid weight loss, U.S. men and women can lose 10 to 30 pounds per month. That means that, by taking advantage of several different methods — such as nutrition training, strength training, weight lifting, exercise, Zerona, and/or fat loss injections — you can lose weight in time for a big event, like a wedding or family reunion. Of course, many of us know that weight loss reduces risks of serious health conditions, like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. That doesn’t mean that slimming down to improve your self-esteem or confidence is off the table, though!

Too many people give up before they start. While spot reducing fat and rapid weight loss aren’t ordinarily options, that doesn’t mean they’re impossible. Read Zerona reviews and visit your local rapid weight loss center to explore all of the options available to you.

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