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If left untreated, low testosterone (otherwise known as testosterone deficiency or “low T”) can lead to serious long-term medical issues? What is low T? Testosterone deficiency is an unusually-low level of testosterone that affects millions of American men every year. Nearly 13 million American men are thought to have low T. Symptoms of the condition include increased body fat, lack of energy, poor sleep, reduce muscle mass, and depression. Some studies even suggest that low testosterone can decrease life expectancy.

Unfortunately, the majority of low T patients — by some estimates, 90% of them — will not seek treatment. Why? Some of it has to do with a lack of information about low T. Other reasons include patients misjudging their symptoms or simply refusing to acknowledge them. Regardless on the reason why low T is untreated, leaving your testosterone levels at risk will lead to serious consequences for your entire body.

Luckily, testosterone deficiency is perfectly treatable. One relatively new method of treatment is known as testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). The therapy is the process of increasing your body’s testosterone levels by introducing synthetic hormones to your body. The hormones can be administered by a number of ways: injections, gels, pills, and even tiny pellets embedded under the skin. Regardless on how your body receives them, these hormones will boost your testosterone levels to healthy levels. Patients report feeling better soon after starting treatment.

Low T is not the end of the world nor is it something to be ashamed about. Testosterone deficiency is surprisingly common among adult males — or at least more common than one may think. No matter what lead you to low T, be rest assured that TRT and other treatments are there to help you fight the illness and to get your life back to normal.

Do you notice poor sleep or chronic fatigue? Do you or anyone you know have low T? Feel free to leave a comment or question at the bottom.

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