Assisted living centers

There are many different housing options available for seniors, each with their own services and benefits. But how do you know if you are choosing the right option to fit your life? This article will discuss the differences between assisted living communities, senior independent living facilities, and home health care agencies.

Health care agencies often offer seniors the option of having a nurse or aide come into the home and help out with medical care and non-medical essentials. An aide may be in charge of helping seniors with activities that they have trouble with, such as cooking, cleaning, bathing and dressing. A nurse in the home will help seniors take their medication at appropriate times, check their vital signs, and even administer injections.

Some seniors may decide they wish to leave their homes due to feelings of isolation or financial reasons. For these seniors, an independent living community may be the best option. Independent senior housing is frequently arranged with individual apartments, most with their own kitchens. Many independent living communities have a central location for socialization, including modern amenities like fitness centers and swimming pools. Seniors may receive assistance with housekeeping and meal preparation, but no medical care. Because medical care is not administered, federal programs like Medicare and Medicaid will not assist with the cost of living in an independent living community.

Lastly, some seniors elect to move to assisted living homes. These are organized much like independent living communities, with the added benefit of medical professionals on call 24 hours a day. Seniors who may be mostly independent, but require assistance with medication, bathing, or other activities benefit the most from assisted living communities. Medicare and Medicaid may offset some of the cost of assisted living, but the amount will vary by location and individual situation.

If you feel that a move to independent living facilities, assisted living communities, or hiring health care agencies is in your future, talk to your family about your wants and needs today.

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