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Approximately 42 million American adults have sleep-disordered breathing. Many of these issues can be remedied using a piece of medical equipment called a CPAP machine, or ‘Continuous Positive Airway Pressure’ machine. A CPAP machine is a home oxygen system commonly used for breathing problems such as sleep apnea. While a CPAP machine provides countless health benefits to those who need one, it is certainly a complicated and technical piece of equipment that requires a lot of maintenance and the proper CPAP supplies to operate correctly.

The three main CPAP supplies are motors, hoses and masks. The motor is basically a small compressor that draws in room temperature oxygen and delivers it to your lungs at the right rate to clear the obstruction. There is a filter where the air is taken in by the machine to screen and remove impurities from the air before it reaches your lungs. This ensures that you are always getting fresh air delivered straight to your lungs. Most of the newer CPAP machines even have a small water tank you can turn on that acts as a humidifier that’s ideal for people living in dry climates. Surprisingly, the noise of the machine is so quiet that it barely registers above a whisper.

The CPAP hose is the delivery system between the machine and the wearer’s mask. Although they vary in diameter, most are around 6 feet long. Additionally, most CPAP hoses are heated to prevent condensation during the humidification process.

Finally, a CPAP mask is where the air is delivered. Since not everybody has the same face size or shape, there are often several varieties to choose from. When it comes to CPAP supplies, masks have the greatest variety. The three most common types of masks are nasal pillows, nasal masks and full face masks. Nasal pillow masks are the most common type due to their minimal design, but you have the choice to select the mask that’s most comfortable for you.

Overall, there are countless benefits to using a CPAP machine. 1 in 5 adults has mild obstructive sleep apnea, and 1 in 15 has moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea. CPAP machines help countless people get a better night’s sleep.

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