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In general, most people are more likely to underestimate how much long term care they are going to need. When people over 50 are asked about how much long term care they are going to need, only 37% say they think they will need it whereas in reality, more than 70% will need this kind of care. In 2000, approximately 13 million people needed some kind of long term care, this was in a number of settings ranging from care in nursing facilities and in home care. It is estimated that the number of people who will receive this kind of treatment will rise to 27 million people by 2050. If you are looking for certified caregivers, you may not know where to turn. Here are some tips to help you get the right quality care for your loved ones.

  1. Talk to their health care provider. If you are looking for certified caregivers for a family member, you should start your search with a conversation with their doctor. This person will be able to help you determine what kind of care they need. Some people need in home care services for only a few weeks while others will need it for an indefinite period of time. Your loved one’s doctor can suggest certain certified caregivers that may be a good fit. They also know what health problems your family member has and will need help with.
  2. Talk to the person’s insurance carrier. Every plan has different levels of coverage for in home care assistance. There are different levels of care for patients at home that is offered by different in home care companies and what you select may be influenced by what will be covered by their insurance. Medicare and private insurance often do cover the costs of in home caregivers for the elderly. They may need to get a prescription from their doctor to be eligible for the coverage. Work with the in home care assistance company and the insurance carrier to work out your options for payment.
  3. Talk to the people you know. The American population is an aging population. As such, many adults are finding themselves in the position to have to find certified caregivers for their parents. As a consequence, you may be surprised to learn that you know people who have looked into in home care for their parents and have some insight into the companies in your area. Ask your friends and other family members for suggestions. The best way to find good quality products or services is to get a recommendation from someone you trust. Never is this more true than when you are talking to certified caregivers.
  4. Make sure the in home care assistance company has the right license, accreditation and insurance. Before you start talking to caregivers, you should spend some time finding out what the requirements are for people who work in this field in your area. When you talk to the different companies and individuals, ask them about this but make sure you verify anything that they tell you. This is all too serious a think you are hiring them for to just take their word for it.
  5. Ask the company about their staff. You want to know how they find the people they hire, what kind of training they require they have, what kind of background checks they do and what the turnover rate is. Unhappy workers do not do a great job. You want certified caregivers who love what they do. You also want to go with a company that offers its staff personal and professional development opportunities. You want to make sure they treat their people well enough that they do not have a lot of turnover. It cannot be overstated how important it is to go with a in home care giving company that treats it people well.
  6. Ask for references. A reputable in home care company will not have any problem giving you current and former clients to talk to about the services they provide and what it is like to work with the company.

If you take your time and do your research, you will find the right in home caregiver for your family member.

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