Millions of Americans, both male and female, suffer from bladder issues such as overactive bladder and painful urination caused by various medical problems. Intermittent catheters products are one easy way to get relief. But do you know what kind of issues urological supplies can help you, and what you should be doing to address your symptoms?

How Intermittent Catheters Products Can Help

There are two primary treatments for painful bladder syndrome (PBS) and interstitial cystitis (IC): oral medication and bladder instillations like intermittent catheters products. The catheter administers medication right into the bladder to provide relief.

The urinary catheter is not at all a new medical technology. Most people have no idea that urinary catheters have been used for more than 3,500 years to drain bladders. Using clean urological supplies will prevent urinary tract infection and other complications that can arise from using catheters. Knowing where to get and how to maintain your supplies is essential to your bladder health. Improperly using catheters or using dirty catheters can result in bacterial infection and inflammatory conditions that are even more painful than standard bladder symptoms.

Where to Buy Catheters

Do you know where to buy catheters and how to research the urology supplies you need? There are many companies offering intermittent catheters products, but not all of them will be a reliable source of clean urology supplies. Look at reviews from real customers and look at the company’s information to find out about their standards, return policies, and other relevant information. You want a company that has positive feedback from customer and comprehensive policies for all their products.

Preventing UTIs and other complications that can arise from using intermittent catheters products is essential to maintaining bladder health and avoiding unnecessary pain. Look for a company that’s going to reliably provide high-quality urological supplies like catheters, protective pads, and other necessary items. You don’t want to take any risk when it comes to your bladder health, because you haven’t got time for pain. Get the right company for your intermittent catheters products, and get yourself to a state where you can enjoy better bladder health and the active, happy lifestyle that you deserve.

Living With a Urinary Catheter

Getting new catheters, cleaning them, changing them, and using them can start to get tedious. But catheters are an extremely effective way to relieve the pain and problems associated with all sorts of bladder conditions, including IC. Millions of people actually suffer from IC, but there is very little awareness of this rare condition that affects mostly women. A catheter can relieve the daily, constant pain associated with IC, and a catheter makes it possible for the bladder to drain completely. Sufferers of IC know that their bladder can never drain completely without the aid of a urinary device like a catheter. This is why knowing where to get and how to use urological supplies is so very important.

Catheters releive a lot of suffering, and intermittent catheters products provide relief on a consistent and constant basis. After all, your bladder problems aren’t going to go away…so why should the urology supplies that you need? Living with a urinary catheter is probably easier than you think, and it’s actually a lot easier than trying to live with constant bladder pain and pressure.

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