Do you look in the mirror only to notice you are losing more hair daily? Do you have less hair then other men your age? Have you even started balding? No matter what stage of hair loss or thinning you may be at, it is never to late to seek hair replacement for men.

Nearly 82% of adults know that the hair loss they are experiencing is due to genetics. Once you have decided you want to do something about your hair, it is time to seek care from a Beverly Hills hair restoration center. Or if you prefer visit a Los Angeles hair restoration center. More hair transplant and restoration services are being offered today using state-of-the-art technologies including FUE hair replacement.

Seek Answers for Hair Replacement for Men

It is a great idea to learn everything you can about hair restoration and replacement options that would suit you best. Speak with a hair restoration doctor who can educate you concerning the difference between hair replacement and transplants.

Hair transplants add additional hair to your head where you may be balding or thinning. Transplants are accomplished by using hair from a thicker part of your scalp or body, and grafting the thicker hair to a balding or thing section on your scalp. You are not alone when searching for treatments for hair replacement for men.

Would a Hair Transplant Work for You?

Hair transplants have already proven to be more successful than hair restoration products that can be purchased over-the-counter. Up to 10% to 80% of transplanted hair has shown that it fully grows back in up to 3 to 4 months. A great treatment method is the follicular unit extraction otherwise known as FUE.

How Does a FUE Procedure Work as Hair Replacement for Men?

A hair restoration surgeon performs FUE procedures and takes steps to ensure your treatment has the best potential for hair growth. It starts by shaving off hair at the back of the head. Then follicles are taken out of the skin along your scalp. Miniscule marks may be left where follicles were removed, but this tends to be minimal. The follicles are used to encourage hair growth in areas where needed. Once the treatment is finished, the site is covered with gauze or bandages.

Depending on your needs a FUE treatment is the perfect option when it comes to hair replacement for men. It can take several days or just several hours in accordance with your precise needs. It all depends on the work that is performed by your surgeon. You can go home directly after the procedure.

Talk extensively with a hair restoration physician to find out if FUE treatments are ideal for you. You can discuss your eligibility for the procedure, success rates and any risks involved concerning scarring, which is typically minimal in regard to FUE restoration treatments. Be sure to ask about any part of this revolutionary procedure that has already proven to be effective when it comes to hair growth and restoration for men.

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