Nearly 79% of people who have needed long-term care have lived in community settings or at home, not in an institution. What is assisted living? Assisted living includes residential care, living in a boarding home, domiciliary care or adult congregate housing. It is a type of assistance when it comes to daily life for adults that require little care. They may need medical needs met in terms of intermittent skilled nursing care or with medication.

Over 1.2 million people live in living facilities all over the Unite States. The average age of residents in an assisted living facility is 80 years of age with mobile females being the main type of resident having moved from a private residence into assisted living. This type of facility is meant to aid people for an average of two to three years before they return to home or choose to find permanent residence in an assisted living facility.

Seniors Are Encouraged to Remain Independent

The beauty of living in an assisted living facility is the fact that your residential rights are upheld. There is a strong urge to remain independent for as long as a person can. Independent living is encouraged in an environment that helps to maximize autonomy, privacy, dignity and safety while also emphasizing community and family involvement. There are many independent living options afforded each individual including the ability to keep small pets or the ability to interact with pets that are facility-owned.

Stay in Your Own Private Space

For people who indicate they would like assisted living outside of their own home, there are different types of private spaces available. Choose from living arrangements such as unfurnished or furnished private and semi-private apartments. There are also various types of apartments including one-bedroom private apartments, private studio apartments, one-bedroom shared apartments and even dormitory style arrangements.

There are also many services and amenities offered including visits from home health aides, occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy if needed. Facilities and services differ per state, but you can look forward to a myriad of services that help you stay independent and active such as educational activities, daily assistance with eating, bathing, dressing and assistance in the bathroom. A top service that is greatly appreciated is help with or complete housekeeping and maintenance solutions.

Assisted living does not mean you give up control. Instead you are gaining the ability to remain active, attend social events, religious activities all with transportation arrangements so you do not have to drive if you do not want to drive.

Assisted Living Can Also Include Home Health Care

Using services that help you stay at home can greatly improve your quality of life. It all starts with an initial orientation. You can request the services you need and be provided with a care giver that can meet those needs. Of course, great services include reevaluations so the care you or a loved one gets can be modified based on current needs. No matter what type of assisted care you need, you are in complete control of the care you receive and are always given access to evaluations and records. Assistance is precisely what is provided so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

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