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“Really? Did I really do that last night?”
“No, the alcohol made me do that last night”

Morning after thoughts after some sexual encounters can sound like this. Get tested and don’t let the fear of going to the doctor’s get in the way knowing if you have an infectious disease. Getting into the doctor’s office can be difficult and sometimes uncomfortable, but a visit to the emergency room seems a little excessive and is definitely more expensive.

Urgent care locations offer STD test services and many other medical issues. It’s important to be seen-the CDC estimates 19 million new cases of STD infections every year, and most are in young people 15-24. Besides, you should be getting tested on regularly if you’re sexually active.

The idea of urgent care and the urgency behind the movement to get good quality care to folks who otherwise might not be able to started in earnest in the 1970’s. Since then it’s expanded to approximately 6800 medical facilities in the US alone, and with more opening every year. At least 65% have a physician onsite while two-thirds have a mix of physicians, nurse practitioners, or physician’s assistants. You can rest assured that you’ll get high quality care from people who know what they’re talking about- and perhaps without the fear of judgment from your regular physician.

Walk in medical clinics often have after hours care, which make it a wonderful option for those whose schedule make it difficult to get in to be tested. Urgent care locations are also much cheaper than the ER, and visiting an urgent care for something like fast STD testing can help reduce overcrowding. Interestingly, the CDC did a study that found 48% of adults who went into the ER knew they weren’t sick enough to warrant the ER, but their physician’s office was closed. Don’t be these people- know your options. Most urgent care locations will have you seen in 15 minutes or less and have you out the door in an hour, and cost you significantly less. The average ER visit will cost you $1500, while you’ll shell out on average $150 at an urgent care.

An urgent care that offers cheap and confidential STD testing that can get you in and out quickly also gives you peace of mind. Bear in mind, urgent care locations and walk in clinics do so much more than testing services. Get adventurous in the kitchen,mangle your hand, and need stitches? Urgent care locations can give you those. Your friend’s child miraculously roll their ankle walking? Pediatric urgent care can help them out. Check for your local urgent care clinic, and keep that number handy!

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