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Sleep apnea is a serious problem in the United States. More than five percent of Americans — about 18 million total — suffer from this condition. Further estimates suggest that two to four percent of Americans (in addition to those already counted) have undiagnosed issues related to sleep apnea, meaning that as many as 30 million Americans are unable to safely and comfortably sleep through the night.

CPAP machines (CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) are one of the leading treatments for sleep apnea, with millions of people using these masks to help them sleep at night. Some love it, others aren’t as favorable, and sometimes the issue is finding the right mask for you. Different CPAP machines are obviously made by different companies, but many sleep apnea sufferers don’t want to have to deal with the cost of a new machine. An option for these people is to search for a fully inspected used CPAP machine for sale.

While that may seem like a mouthful, a fully inspected used CPAP machine for sale exploits an opening in the market for these devices. Much like buying a refurbished computer or electronic product, a fully inspected used CPAP machine for sale is exactly what it sounds like. It’s used, but it has been fully inspected and is back on the market at a discount when compared to new products.

The further advantage is, as mentioned before, CPAP machines can be a sunk cost if you spend a few hundred dollars on one that you don’t like. Lower prices mean a lower risk when trying out a new mask. According to studies, nearly 80% of patients admit that they probably don’t use their CPAP machine often enough for it to be effective. Additionally, about half of those who have been prescribed a machine stop using it within the first few weeks of having it. Some of this is because human stubbornness knows no bounds, but it may also be that it’s very difficult to get used to sleeping with a mask on. For this reason, finding the right mask is hugely important.

Having lower-cost options — like used, fully inspected models — helps lighten the burden of the consumer.

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