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One of the scariest moments someone experiences is falling down. Many people seek medical treatment for injuries related to falls each year. A large number of people injured from falls seek treatment at a walk in urgent care facility. Statistics show that nearly 3 million patients visit urgent care walk in clinics per week. It’s important to be aware what kind of falls need medical treatment and where to go to be treated. Here are three considerations to make when seeking treatment after suffering from a fall.

  1. Amount of Damage Caused by Fall

    You’ll likely assess how serious a fall is after it happens. It’s best to take a moment and feel where the pain is taking place. Extreme areas of pain might indicate that a fracture or break has occurred. If possible, it’s best to check if any bones are protruding from the skin. Protruding bones are extremely sensitive matters that should be handled in an emergency room. If you feel pain without seeing bones protruding through the skin, you’ll want to visit an urgent care facility. Statistics show that 80% of urgent care facilities are able to provide patients with treatment for fractures. Walk in clinics are often able to provide patients with treatments for issues that aren’t life threatening.
  2. What Body Parts Were Affected

    It’s considerably more dangerous for certain areas of the body to sustain damage. For instance, a short fall that someone stops with their hands might not necessitate a visit to either urgent care or an emergency room. However, shorter falls can cause massive damage if you land or your head. If you’ve suffered the slightest amount of head trauma after a fall, it’s best to have someone drive you to an urgent care facility. Head injuries are often deceiving in regards to affecting how someone feels.
  3. Pain Lasting Long After Fall Occurs

    You’re likely to feel pain after falling down. If you’re not feeling a lot of pain, you might have sprained your ankle. Statistics show that 25,000 people in the United States suffer from ankle sprains per day. Extreme amounts of pain might indicate that you’ve sustained a lot of damage. It’s important to take note of how long pain lasts after you’ve fallen. If you’re feeling pain days after a fall occurs, it’s best to visit a nearby urgent care location. Walk in clinics will help ensure you receive tests designed to assess the damage you’ve recently suffered.

In summary, there are several considerations to make when seeking treatment after a fall. You’ll want to assess the amount of damage you’re suffering from. Extreme cases of pain are often indicators that a fall has caused a lot of damage and needs to be treated by medical professionals. If you have a few scrapes and bruises, you might not require any medical treatment. Certain body parts are more sensitive to damage. If you’ve suffered head trauma after a fall, it’s best to visit an urgent care facility to receive a general check up. If the pain you’ve suffered after a fall doesn’t go away on its own, you’ll want to seek out a walk in clinic.

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