It is estimated that by the year 2024, the male grooming market in the United States will be worth an estimated $29.14 billion. On a global scale, it will be worth around $166 billion by the year 2022.

For anyone paying attention to the way the culture is shifting, this should come as no surprise. While it was once almost frowned upon for men to be conscious about the way they looked, or taking care of themselves in the way that women do, it is becoming more and more acceptable for men to spend as much time and money on grooming supplies.

Indeed, the market for men’s self care ranges from anti aging skin care to acne control, beard care to mustache oil; from shaving cream to body powder for men, and everything in between. Whatever issue you might want help with, whatever is bothering you most, whatever you want to take care of or whatever part of you that you want to spoil, odds are there’s a bottle of something or another for it.

What most don’t realize, however, is that the secret key to most good skin care, to most self-care in general, lays in exfoliating.

While there is something to be said for using that daily face wash, face wash, and even cleansers, only scratch the surface—quite literally. They are made to simply wash away dirt from the top layers of the skin, while exfoliators are made to go a little deeper. Mens exfoliating face wash is specifically made to go deep into your pores, and the layers of your skin, to help remove the build up of dead skin cells and everything else that your basic face wash might miss.

Once you’ve used the mens exfoliating face wash of your choice, your skin is left smoother, brighter, and left with the ability to better absorb whatever you might put on it afterwards, from anti-aging creams to acne medication. Furthermore, it has also been found that exfoliating can help reduce wrinkles and help make your shaving routine easier.

There is a lot of information going around concerning the human body, a lot of information going around about what’s best for your body, and your skin. With the multitude of products out there as a result, it is usually confusing to know where to start, but, for most people, the beginning of good skin care starts with a good exfoliator.

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