It can be hard to get your looks in tip-top shape as a girl. There’s always something that needs adjusting, fixing, or won’t stay just quite right. Especially if you have longer hair, it can tend to get messed up or out of place by the simple act of walking down the street or light exercise. So how does a girl keep her hair in place and looking amazing so that she can concentrate on other things? Scrunchies may be your new favorite answer.

Hair scrunchies seem to have made a huge comeback in recent years as girls all over the world try to up their hair game. In fact, Pinterest revealed a whopping 6309% surge in searches for the term “hair scrunchies” in its recent Pinterest 100 report. This means that despite not really paying scrunchies much attention since they were our favorite primary school accessory, they’re back in a big way for 2020.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the reasons why the best scrunchies are way better than hair ties and how buying a 3 pack of scrunchies might be one of the easiest ways to love your hair. Whether you decide to buy pom pom scrunchies or regular ones is up to you, because your scrunchie game is only limited by your imagination!

Scrunchies Are Less Damaging To Hair

One of the worst parts about using hair ties or other hair restraining devices is that eventually, you have to pull them out. While that might not seem like such a big deal, every girl knows the feeling of pulling a little too hard and ending up with some stray hair that they didn’t want in their hand. Besides grabbing your hair a little too forcefully, keeping hair ties in day after day can cause your hair to kink in odd ways that just create more work for you. By using a smaller scrunchie that’s a bit tighter, you’ll get all the benefits of a hair tie without any of the downsides.

They’re Sold Nearly Everywhere

Just like hair ties and clips, if you want to buy a 3 pack of scrunchies these days it’s not hard to do. You can find them in almost every major clothing store and accessory retailer in a variety of styles and colors to fit your appearance. Their ubiquity and low cost have never been more appreciated now, and you should be able to take full advantage of this. Instead of stressing about losing one or two, know that you’ll always be able to stock up and refill whenever necessary.

(Almost) Every Hairstyle Is Adaptable To The Scrunchie

When you think about how versatile, simple, and sometimes mesmerizing a scrunchie can be, it makes sense that it can fit with almost any hairstyle that you throw at it. Feeling like you want a messy bun today? Not a big deal for the scrunchie lover. Ditto for braids, a high ponytail, or half up half down. When you start experimenting with your different hairstyles and decide to include scrunchies into the mix, you won’t have any problems figuring out how to use them. As some would say, the artist finds ways to create their best style. Even if it’s with a 3 pack of scrunchies instead of paint or canvas.

You Can Match Your Scrunchie To Your Outfit

One of the fantastic things about scrunchies is that they come in so many colors and varieties. When you pick up a 3 pack of scrunchies from any clothing store or retailer, you can usually pick and choose what different types you want. This makes them easy to color coordinate with a variety of outfits and save different scrunchies for different days or styles. It can even accentuate your outfit, drawing attention to your hair and face to compliment your amazing style.

Scrunchies Deserve Love Too!

At the end of the day, scrunchies are simply amazing. Not only do they perform all the useful functions of hair ties, but they come with many fewer downsides. They are also common and easily available to find, making accessorizing on the go pretty easy. By mixing and matching your favorite types of scrunchies, you can create looks that are truly one of a kind for yourself.

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