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Summer is an excellent time to work on projects around your house. The days are longer, giving you much-needed light and warmth to accomplish the necessary actions. In the summer, you are more interested in getting work done around the house. When you work on projects around the house, it gives you a sense of accomplishment, provides your home with a new look, and can increase the value of your home. When you are considering addressing items that have been in need of work for some time, you must create a home renovation planning checklist to understand what items you want to accomplish. A home renovation planning checklist can help you get a better idea of what needs to be upgraded, repaired, or replaced in your home. It gives you a place to start and provides you with a list that you are able to prioritize. When looking around your house for items you want to renovate, consider the areas below.

Attack the Kitchen

It is safe to say that everyone has a different style when it comes to their kitchen. No matter what your kitchen style, but when you do a kitchen remodel, it will most likely be an improvement over what you currently have. An outdated kitchen is not inviting to anyone. After a time, your cabinets get scratched and worn. Your appliances become outdated, and your floor and countertop look old and maybe even cracked. The excellent news is renovating your kitchen does not have to be a significant overhaul. It can be as minor or major as you want and affordable. The best thing you can do is create a home renovation planning checklist. Some simple upgrades include adding fresh paint to the walls. You will be surprised at what a difference new paint can make. You can paint your cabinets doors or completely replace them. No matter which way you decide to go with your cabinet doors, make sure you replace the hardware with something more up-to-date.

As part of your home renovation planning checklist, you should consider replacing your appliances. You may not want to replace them all at once, especially if they are still in working condition. If your appliances seem to be working less efficiently, you can consider an appliance service or a total replacement of the item. When you replace your appliances, you want to consider energy-efficient options. This will help you save money in the long run, even though you might spend a significant amount of money upfront. Some other considerations for remodeling your kitchen include adding a granite countertop, a new sink and faucet, and new flooring. You want to consider a floor that can handle a lot of traffic and spills. Remember, this is your kitchen where people eat and often spend a lot of time.

Garage Door Do-Over

Your garage door serves many functions and purposes for your home. While providing function, your garage also gives you an opportunity to add some style to your home. Garage door installations are not a fun way to spend a summer day, but a new garage is one of the things people see first when they come to your home. A new garage door should be on your home renovation planning checklist. You should know that if your garage is damaged, does not work, or shows signs of wear and tear; you should replace it. Those things can cause significant problems, including allowing someone easy access to your home. There are some excellent reasons why you should put a garage replacement on your home renovation planning checklist. If your garage door stops working, you want to consider replacing it. It is possible that the garage door may be repaired and not need a replacement. It could be that your garage door motor is burnt out, the belt has snapped, or a spring is broken. It may be beneficial to have a technician look at your garage door to determine what steps you should take.

If there is damage to a garage door panel, it may eventually crack and become severely damaged. A repair is possible, but you should consider replacing it with a more updated garage door model. If you have a sagging or crooked door, it is an indication that you have a problem with the springs, and it is not a good look for the outside of your house. Over time, the weather and elements wear down your garage door and cause fading and damage to the door. Not only will a garage door help to improve the way the outside of your house looks. It can also protect the items that are on the inside of your garage. When your garage door is not secure, the items contained within it can be stolen. Someone can access an entry door to your house from within your garage.


One of the items that you need to put on your home renovation planning checklist is your landscaping. Landscaping adds curb appeal to your house and makes it noticeable for good reasons. You want to clean up your grass by making sure that your grass is cut and trimmed. It would be best if you considered planting trees to add a touch of beauty to your yard. Not only do trees give your house an appealing look, but they provide shade and fruit. Trees add oxygen to the air which helps the environment. If you plan to plant trees, you should consider a tree service to keep your trees healthy. If you opt to plant your trees yourself and not hire a professional, you should make sure that you understand the best way to plant the trees you select. You can add pops of color to the front of your house by adding plants and flowers. You should choose flowers and plants for the front and back of your home based on how much care you want to provide them. You also want to keep in mind when the flowers and plants bloom to ensure that there is constant growth and color in your yard. You can make sure you have flowers that bloom in spring, shrubs in the falls, evergreens in winter, and annuals in the summer.

When putting together your home renovation planning checklist, consider a garden. There are many different ways to have a garden. It does not have to be the traditional section in your yard that you are used to. You can plant fruits and vegetables in a bin or a box. There are many different types that you can grow. It is essential to do some research on gardening before you jump right in. You can put window boxes on your house. Flower boxes add a touch of charm to the exterior of your home. They are also popular and provide a good amount of curb appeal. You can consider creating an entranceway to your home. It can be a lovely walkway for those who are coming to visit your home. You can string up lights along your patio or deck to create a relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for eating outside.

Exterior Make-Over

If you are considering updating your landscaping as part of your home renovation, you must add an exterior make-over to your home renovation planning checklist. These can be simple touches that you add to your exterior but can be as large as replacing your roof. If you feel your roof is old and needs to be replaced, contact a roofing company. Do not wait too long. Your roof may just need a repair, but if left unaddressed, you may need a full replacement. You may want to consider power washing roof options. Your roof may be grimy, and your gutters may be full and not functioning properly. Those are items you should not overlook. If you think it is time for your roof to be replaced, you might also consider replacing your house siding. These are two big jobs that you may not want to tackle at the same time, but the chances are that your siding and roof are the same age and may both need replacing. When adding siding to your home renovation planning checklist, you must keep in mind that you have to consider updating the trim, corners, and any openings to the house, such as doors and windows.

Another solid investment you can make in your home is solar panels. These are an addition that can be efficient and provide you long term cost savings. They can help provide your house with heating and hot water all year long. Solar panels have come a long way in their design and are much more modern-looking. When looking around the back of your house, you may be missing a patio or deck. Installing one is a great renovation option. It provides endless possibilities for your yard. It makes your house and backyard much more welcoming. It provides a clean look for the back of your home as well as a place for guests to sit. Either can add value to your house.

Do Not Forget the Bathroom

While the kitchen is an important area of your house, so is the bathroom. Both rooms can make or break the sale of your home. You should add the bathroom to your home renovation planning checklist. If you have a strict budget, an affordable remodel of your bathroom is possible. You can also go all out when remodeling your bathroom if you have the funding. When you add your bathroom to your home renovation planning checklist, it is important to start with the bathroom layout you want. Once you decide on that, you must stick to it. The more changes you make to the bathroom, the more it is going to cost you. You can select simple fixtures to keep the costs lower. You can still replace your existing bathroom with new and updated fixtures while keeping it affordable.

You can also add top-of-the-line fixtures, flooring, and lighting in your bathroom to create the bathroom of your dreams. You can add a heated floor, jacuzzi tub, and frameless glass shower to add some pizazz to your bathroom. No matter what items you pick for your bathroom, you want to make sure they are durable and can stand up to a good amount of use. You may want to consider spending a little extra money on specific items, like flooring, toilets, and faucets. These are areas that receive a good amount of use. You do not want to remodel your bathroom often. If it is done properly, you will love your bathroom for a long time.

When you are considering what items to renovate over the summer, the list above gives you some good ideas about where to start. Most likely, at least one of these areas is a space that needs help in your house. These renovation ideas may not fit every area in your house that needs some attention, but it is a great place to start. No matter what you think, make sure you create a list of all the items you want to touch. You will find that some are more important than others. You may also be able to lump multiple areas together and work on them at the same time. Make sure you know what you are doing or plan to hire a professional. You do not want to start a job that you cannot finish and then have to hire a professional anyway. Not only will they have to complete the job but possibly also fix a mess that you created.

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