Everyone has a certain feature that really makes their appearance shine.

For one person it could be beautiful eyes, dark and round and filled with life. For others it could be a brilliant smile that chases away the gloom in the room. You likely know by now that, for many men, a beard can make or break a good look. Younger men and older men alike are embracing their stubble and their goatees, their scruff and their mustache-beard combo. If you’re in need of some tips to start switching up your look in light of the new year, there are more than enough options to satisfy your growing appetite.

A little grooming goes a long way. Here’s what your cabinet shouldn’t be without.

Did You Know?

You’ve likely noticed a few changes in the world at large. More and more men are becoming sensitive about their appearance, doing their best to look nice and smile nice at all times. The global male grooming market is expected to be worth a pretty $30 billion once 2024 comes around, meaning it’s not just you noticing how tidy guys are as of late! The number of men who don’t shave whatsoever has gone up from all age groups, standing at 20% and remaining steady. A beard is a great way to add a little extra style to your jawline and chin…but that’s not where the work ends!

Beard Oil

For those wanting a full and healthy beard, this is one must-have that should never leave your bathroom. Good beard oil should nourish your roots and give it a sheen you can’t quite get otherwise. Beard care and maintenance offers all sorts of high-quality ingredients proven to bring out our hair’s very best, including (but not limited to) vitamin A, vitamin E, shea butter, avocado oil, and cocoa butter. Brick-and-mortar accounts for just over 80% of male grooming product sales globally, with the general personal care market expected to hit $165 by 2022.

Good Shaving Oil

You don’t want a lovely beard marred by pimples and bumps. Beard oil should be supplemented with a shaving oil that leaves your skin buttery soft. For those with more oily skin you can try a lighter mens after shave lotion to prevent stubborn adult acne from flaring up (though more persistent cases can be the fault of hormones rather than clogged pores). If you’re a little behind in this area, never fear. You can always try a kit for mens skin care, designed to give you a well-rounded approach in one convenient package.

Daily Face Wash

A proper beard should be paired with smooth, happy skin. If you’re the active type, a daily face wash is essential to get rid of the sweat and grime that accumulates on your skin on a constant basis. Even those that are more sedentary will benefit from a foaming wash or a gel-cream to increase the natural softness along your cheeks, nose, and neck. Remember to compliment your skin type, as choosing the wrong products for dry or oily skin can just make your issues even worse. It’s a learning process, but one with beautiful results.

Good Deodorant For Men

Last, but not least…you want to smell good, don’t you? All the beard oil in the world won’t get you turning heads if you still smell like last week’s laundry. A Statista survey found nearly 80% of respondents reporting they use deodorant on a daily basis. Deodorant comes in stick and liquid forms, with the type suiting you depending, again, on your skin type and general preference. Be sure to scrub off the day’s sweat with a rag or towel before applying, as nobody likes the warm scent of chai mingled with body odor!

From beard oil to anti aging cream for men, a little touch-up now will do wonders for bringing out your best features later.

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