Throughout the world, bicycles are extremely popular methods of transportation. In fact, there are twice as many bicycles in the world as there are motor vehicles. Considering that, many people use their bikes as a way to commute. In addition to being a viable means of transportation, bicycling is a great way to stay healthy. A study from 2017 found that riding your bicycle to work burns as much fat as going to the gym for 40 minutes five days a week. If you’re using a bicycle for commuting purposes, you might need to make a few adjustments to this item. With that in mind, here are three popular types of bicycle adjustments for commuters.

  1. Replacing Bike Cranks

    It’s understandable to forget about the importance of a crank for single speed bikes. Whether you own a single or multi speed bike, cranks have serious impacts on riding discomfort. If your bicycle’s cranks are too long, it often causes knee pain. Therefore, it’s wise to ensure that your cranks are at a comfortable length before going on long bike rides.
  2. Ordering New Bike Pedals

    Many who use their bicycles for commuting purposes prefer road pedals. These items differ from standard flat pedals because they often utilize a three hole design. In turn, road pedals allow riders to have an easier time distributing their weight while bicycling.
  3. Choosing Longer Reaching Brakes

    Before your next commute, you’ll want to think about changing the brakes on your bicycle. In most cases, bicycle brakes are categorized as either short or long reach brakes. Many bicyclists who use bikes to commute prefer the comfort of long reach brakes over their shorter counterparts.

To summarize, there are several ways to make your bicycle more comfortable during commutes. Research shows that bicycles are economical ways to commute, saving over 238 million gallons of gasoline annually. Best of all, you don’t need to spend lots of time finding these parts at bicycle shops in your area. You can save time by ordering these items from an online retailer. Whether you need a crank for single speed bikes or a new set of brakes, these items are incredibly easy to find online.

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