If you’re looking for a way to get in shape and reduce your carbon footprint on the world – and maybe even save some money, for that matter – biking is likely for you. After all, biking alone was able to save more than 230 million gallons of gas over the course of just one single year. Not only does this mean that less harmful emissions are being put into our environment, but it also means that many people are even able to save money through biking, something that can be a huge determining factor in taking up the activity.

Even the creation process of making a bicycle is much more environmentally friendly than the creation process of something like an automobile (no matter what type of automobile it might be). After all, the energy and resources needed to make 100 bicycles would only be able to create just one single car. And with more than 100 million bicycles created on a yearly basis, there are now about double the amount of bicycles in the world than there are cares, about one billion of them found throughout the globe.

Of course, as good as biking is for the planet there are also a wide array of personal benefits to it as well. When you bike, you’re getting up and moving and putting some strenuous activity into your day. This is quite hugely important, as currently a scant 5% or even less of the adult population here in the United States is getting up and moving for even just thirty minutes out of the day. Unfortunately, far less than half of all adults are even meeting the weekly recommendations for exercise as well, which has led to higher rates of obesity all throughout the country – in adults and children alike.

Biking can change that, as biking allows for ease of exercise, being fit as easily into the day as it is. In fact, simply swapping your car for a bike for your daily commute can be quite hugely helpful indeed, no doubt about it. After all, biking to and from work alone has been found to be the exercise equivalent (at least when it comes to burning fat) of going to a gym for about an hour as many as five times throughout the week. And not only will taking up biking to work be much more cost effective than getting a gym membership or even buying home gym equipment, it will also be easier to commit to on a regular, if not daily, basis.

And the positive physical impact of biking is a long lasting one. Some studies have been conducted on the subject, and their findings are certainly promising. One study even found that regularly biking can reduce your overall risk of premature mortality by as much as 30%, which is no small number to say the very least. In addition to this, your risk of ever developing a cardiorespiratory disease also falls dramatically – often by as much as a full 40%.

In order to get the most out of biking, however, you’ll want to get the right bike itself – as well as the right biking accessories. For instance, you’ll need a crankset from White Industries. Aside from this crankset from White Industries, investing in toe clips for bicycles, a track chain, and wheel builders can help to give you the best riding experience possible. For while things like the crankset from White Industries might cost you a bit more money, tools like the crankset from White Industries will certainly help to give you the best possible experience on your bike. This makes accessories such as that of the crankset from White Industries more than worth the purchase, to say the very least.

At the end of the day, however, something like the crankset from White Industries and other such tools only make up a part of what your biking experience will be like. Ultimately, there is so much more for you to consider when getting on a bike – and so much that you can benefit from. For many people, simply having access to a bike that works well and gets them going is all that really matters.

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