You knew that there would be a lot of questions when you returned to work the Tuesday after the Memorial Day Weekend vacation. The fact that your right hand is covered in a special covering after the fire pit incident. This is not an easy to story to explain. The story, and the burn, starts with a Peep. You have watched plenty of videos about using the leftover Easter Peeps in s’mores. Melted between the chocolate and the graham crackers, the video makes it look like the peeps are the perfect substitute for the more traditional marshmallows. What the video did not show or explain, however, was that the heated Peeps collapse into a hot mess of melted goo if you touch them once they have been heated over a campfire. That melted goo trickled into your hand and caused a severe burns.
You really wanted to avoid the details, but it was important to make sure that the urgent care doctors had all of the details. It was a strange story to say the least, but the urgent care staff seemed unfazed. They had, in fact, heard many crazy stories this weekend and every other holiday of the summer.

Getting Affordable and Convenient Health Care Is Important to Many Consumers

Whether it is looking for treatment for a Memorial Weekend bonfire burn or a flu shot, urgent care centers are often the best options. The latest statistics indicate that as many as 3 million patients visit urgent care centers each week, according to the Urgent Care Association of America. Patients who make these decisions based on reliable, affordable, and convenient care.
Staffed by as many as 20,000 physicians who practice Urgent Care Medicine today, 85% of urgent care centers are open seven days a week. And while these centers treat a number of conditions, studies show that the most common diagnosis in an urgent care center in 2012 was upper respiratory condition. That same year the most common procedure was wound repair.

If a cute little Peep or a sprained ankle interrupted your Memorial Day celebration, you might have found yourself at an urgent care center getting the treatment and diagnosis that you need so you are ready to head back to work on Tuesday.

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