Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

Getting older is hard. If you’re a woman, you have to deal with menopause hormones that might make you feel half crazy. If you’re a man, you might think you don’t have to worry with all the things that happen to women when they age. You’re only partially right on that one. While men don’t have to cope with hormone imbalances due to menopause, their Achilles heal is low testosterone.

In fact, low testosterone is so common that you might be experiencing symptoms but just think it’s general feeling crummy for no good reason. If this is you, you might feel significantly better if you talk to a doctor about low testosterone. Do we have your attention now? Here are a few signs that your general crumminess is actually low testosterone:

Six Signs of Low Testosterone

  1. You feel meh about taking a role in the hay.

    Your desire to get it on isn’t just a mind-over-matter kind of situation. It’s actually a chemical reaction that is triggered when your body pumps testosterone into your blood stream. That means, when your testosterone is low, so is your desire to turn on Marvin Gay and get intimate with your partner. If you suddenly feel a lower desire to do the horizontal tango than you usually do, it might be a sign that you are experiencing low testosterone.

  2. You’re having trouble… performing… in bed.

    Those little testosterone guys aren’t just responsible for making your want to procreate. They’re also responsible for the physical anatomical change that a male must go through in order for sexual intercourse to occur. Even if you’re mentally ready, if the area south of your belt buckle is a ghost town, it might be due to an under-production of testosterone.

    *In the spirit of authentic reporting, we feel responsible for adding that testosterone is one of a few reasons that you could be experiencing erectile dysfunction. If you are having trouble getting the job done in bed, you might not be able to just throw some testosterone at the problem to fix it. Other problems that could effect your performance include obesity (and the health issues it triggers, like high blood pressure and cholesterol), extreme stress and anxiety or depression, and other diseases that impact your overall health. In order to get to the root of the issue, your doctor will need to analyze your overall health and lifestyle.
  3. You’re experiencing male pattern baldness.

    If every time you look in the mirror your forehead looks a little larger, it might not be time to throw in the towel and shave your head just yet. Sometimes alopecia (the scientific terminology for baldness) is a hereditary condition that you can’t do much other than thank your grandpa for. However, sometimes low testosterone causes your hair to thin. You might not choose to get testosterone treatment just for your baldness, but if the rest of the factors fit, this might be a problem that fixes itself with treatment as well.
  4. That spare tire isn’t going anywhere.

    One of the blessings of being a woman is that your body naturally stores fat in case it is needed it to support a baby suddenly. Men don’t have this problem. They can thank testosterone for this. When yougr testosterone levels start to dip, their bodies are less efficient at converting fat into energy. This results in difficulty losing weight. Getting testosterone treatment might enable you to gain muscle and lose fat.

  5. You’re irritable all of the time.

    Your testosterone levels impact all sorts of chemical processes in your body. Among those chemical processes are the balance of chemicals that determine your moods. If your testosterone is low, your brain might struggle to maintain a positive outlook. Testosterone treatment might help.
  6. You’re tired all the time.

    You work hard. At the end of the day, you might feel utterly burnt out. However, if you’re doing all the things that are supposed to improve your energy levels, yet no amount of sleep, or improving your diet, or drinking a gallon of water, or coconut oil, or whatever else, seems to ease the lethargy, it might be a sign that you have low testosterone. Your doctor could run some labs and might be able to figure out the source of the problem.

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