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According to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), Canadians drink more than 50 per cent above the global average. According to the World Health Organization, “In 2012, about 3.3 million net deaths, or 5.9% of all global deaths, were attributable to alcohol consumption.” Alcoholism can cause several different health issues, such as anemia, cancer, heart disease, cirrhosis of the liver, dementia, and depression, among many others. If you have a feeling someone you love might be on the road to alcoholism and might need an intervention, you’re probably right. If you’re still a bit confused as to what some of the signs of needing inpatient rehab, here are four to look for.

1. They were driving drunk

If the person you are concerned about knows the difference between right and wrong and has begun to neglect it, this could be a huge sign. Being unable to manage our behavior due to alcohol is a big problem, and if your loved one was willing to risk hurting themselves or others by getting behind the wheel to drive after drinking too much, they probably need to look into rehab centres.

2. They are suffering health issues due to alcohol

If your loved one’s doctor has sat them down and already explained to them that their health is suffering due to drinking, it might be time to get involved. Talking to your loved one about the possibility or going to private rehab might be uncomfortable and emotional, but you are only trying to look out for them their health. In some cases the health effects of drinking too much alcohol can be slowed or reversed, but not without professional help.

3. They have hurt themselves or others

If your loved one has either hurt themselves or other people while drunk or under the influence of a drug, this is a big sign that they need professional help. Inpatient rehab can be a solution for them if you talk to them and show just how much alcohol or drugs have taken a hold on their life and their decisions. Explain to them that you know they would never try to hurt themselves or others and that the alcohol or drugs have caused them to behave differently. Getting your loved one to admit they have a problem is the first step in helping them recover. Female addicts are 54 percent more likely to die prematurely due to drug abuse, and drug abuse rehab centers can help.

4. They have lost their job or were expelled from school

If your loved one has been kicked out of school or lost their job due to substance abuse, it’s definitely time to intervene. It is important to show how their abuse is causing them to have a downward. An addict might have a family to help take care of, or may have had big dreams and goals that you would like to see them reach. Inpatient rehabs can help your loved one along the journey of recovery do they can get back to working towards all of the dreams they wanted to see come true.

Getting involved in a loved one’s recovery is a brave a loving act. It shows that you want to see them succeed and live a happy, healthy life. While it might be a bit uncomfortable to intervene, it can have a tremendous impact on their life. Inpatient rehab is a powerful process that can help your loved one get back on track and living a better life free of the chains substance abuse brings along. 47,000 Candian deaths are caused by substance abuse each year. Help your loved one not become a statistic by offering to help them find an inpatient rehab center today and looking for these four signs.

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