Thank goodness for your siblings.

These last few months have been a challenge, and if you would have had to deal with all of the details of your mother’s stroke on your own you are not sure you would have survived. Fortunately, while you were able to spend time with your mom during the transition she faced after getting out of the hospital, your older brother was able to take care of getting the necessary paperwork to pay for the hospital equipment rentals. You were able to offer some great suggestions about what kind of hospital bed would be the most comfortable and useful for your mom, but you would have been overwhelmed with the paperwork. And while you were able to coordinate the neighbors and church friends who wanted to help bring your mom meals, you were not great at finding the right staffing agency to bring in some help for cleaning and medical care. You were certainly a good resource when it came to interviewing the possible candidates, but you were more than thankful that your sister could help navigate the challenge of selecting a staffing company in the first place.

It certainly is true that the devil in in the details, but with three of you deciding and conquering all of the necessary tasks you were able to take care of the personal care needs that your mom had, as well as the financing for medical equipment that involved lots of calls with the insurance company and confirmations from the doctors.

Medical Equipment Rentals Allow Many People to Age at Home Instead of Moving Into a Retirement Home

If you have a spouse or a parent who has had a significant health event, then you likely know that details that are required in finding and financing hospital equipment rentals. It is important to understand the kind of equipment that is needed, but it is equally important to find out the details about paying for these items. In a time when more and more people are opting to remain in their own homes instead of moving to a retirement or nursing home, hospital equipment rentals are even more important.

More than 10,000 people reach the retirement age of 65 each day in the U.S., so it should come as no surprise that more and more Americans are finding it important to make sure that families learn the process of renting necessary medical equipment when it is needed. The average hospital will own or rent more than 35,000 SKUs of equipment at any one time, but simply figuring out the one kind of bed you need at home for your mother after a stroke can be a great challenge. Unless you have a family of siblings who are willing to step in and share the burden.

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