Coolsculpting cost in los angeles

Nearly nine out of 10 women will undergo a beauty enhancing procedure in their lifetimes, compared with only approximately one in 10 men. Treating under eye circles, removing stretch marks, getting a tummy tuck, even body contouring and cellulite treatments — all are popular rejuvenating procedures for American women.

Recently, a liposuction alternative called coolsculpting has been getting more attention among clients with mild obesity who wish to contour and resculpt their bodies without having an invasive procedure performed.

Coolsculpting is non-invasive, with treatments lasting about an hour. Isolating and cooling or freezing small fat pockets is the stated goal of the treatment, and massaging the affected body parts after each treatment for a few minutes is said to improve results.

According to a recent poll, more than half of all Americans have expressed the desire to lose weight. Liposuction costs can be prohibitive and the idea of surgery rather off-putting, while coolsculpting can impact problem areas like arms and abdomen.

Fat freezing
for weight loss may be a relatively new idea, but in the last five years, popularity has increased eightfold among women and is also rising among men who are looking for liposuction alternatives.

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