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Modern breakthroughs in research have lead to newer, more innovative forms of cosmetic treatments from Botox and soft tissue fillers, to chemical peels and other forms of treatment. By 2012, Botox treatments were up by nearly 6.1 million procedures. Fillers rose by 2 million treatments and chemical peels rose by almost 1.1 million treatments. With these procedures becoming more common and standard in practice, its no wonder why everyone seems to be looking to these options to look younger and sexier.

Facial Peels
When used right, the best chemical peel can offer you dramatically reduced lines, wrinkles, acne scars, dark spots, and roughness. Facial peels leave your skin feeling young and rejuvenated, leaving you with a youthful feeling of confidence that is sure to last. Facial peels are the least expensive option, with numerous packages available at pharmacies across the country.

Once exclusively used by Hollywood starlets, Botox procedures have become increasingly common over the years as sales reportedly rose by 8% between 2012 and 2013. Most Botox patients are between the ages of 40 and 59, and say that they choose the procedure because it leaves them feeling younger and more beautiful. Although most people are turned off by the injection process, many Botox patients regularly endure the dozens of stings to make their lips look fuller and their cheeks more plump.

Laser Hair Removal
Using a laser to shave might sound like science fiction, but the best laser hair removal processes employ a laser to discourage hair growth on a particular area over the course of four or more treatments. Nearly 1.1 million Americans underwent the procedure in 2012 and 87% of patients surveyed said they would gladly undergo the procedure again in the future. Although a laser is used to target the skin, many lasers have a built in cooling device to minimalize discomfort. The results are quickly noticed by patients of the best laser hair removal technicians, as a weekly hair reduction of 10 to 25% is expected with each treatment. For more long–term solutions to everyday beauty, consider these and other treatment options for a more beautiful, healthy you.

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