The human body is designed for constant exercise. Why? Our primitive ancestors hunted wild game as a lifestyle, as opposed to tree-bound vegetarian apes, meaning that the human body became engineered for motion and hunting. Today, no one is actually running after their food, but the human body and brain “remember” that lifestyle and punish a person for not fulfilling it. Now, people have replaced game hunting for cardio, sports, martial arts, and weight lifting, and exercise has all kinds of advantages for the body. Currently, many Americans are in fact overweight or obese, but nearly anyone can take their health into their own hands by eating better and visiting a fitness center or gyms in their area. Specialized ones such as senior workout classes or fitness centers with a kid-friendly area may also be found if so desired. Strength training programs are also possible. An online search may show some local gyms, such as “west plano texas gyms”. This search may be refined with the seeker’s ZIP code or added words such as “senior friendly west plano texas gyms” or “west plano texas gyms with kids play areas.”

Why Obesity Happens

Working out at West Plano Texas gyms is a fine idea for Plano residents, and in fact such gyms can be found across the nation to help Americans maintain a healthy weight or slim down. But why are so many Americans so overweight to begin with? One major reason for this is poor diets. Many Americans regularly indulge in fast food and processed foods, which are often cheaper than organic foods and have a lot of added sugar and fat to make them taste better. This short-term gratification comes with a cost, however, as those added fats and sugars rapidly add pounds of body fat. This is a marketing ploy at the expense of American health. Many more fast food chains exist now than in decades past, and processed frozen foods can be found in any grocery store.

Another reason for the current obesity trend is a relative lack of exercise. The human body expects daily exercise, but often this need is not met. Children today often spend hours per day using electronic screens instead of getting exercise, even on school days. Adults, meanwhile, often work sedentary desk jobs, then sit in their car on the commute home and sit around some more at home. This allows a lot of body fat to build up, especially when combined with a bad diet. The good news, however, is that for any interested and able-bodied person can choose to launch a new and healthier lifestyle.

Weight Loss Done Right

Someone interested in a healthy, fruitful weight loss program may first consult his or her doctor and a nutritionist to get professional guidance on crafting a safe and effective weight loss program. This may be especially true if the person has health complications such as a bad back, recent surgery, a heart condition, diabetes, or food allergies. Once the person has gotten medical guidelines put in place, they can modify their diet and exercise habits.

Weight loss involves better eating, and that means phasing out fatty and sugary fast foods and processed foods in favor of wholesome, organic foods across the food pyramid. Fruits and vegetables of all kinds, whole wheat grains, dairy such as milk and cheese, and proteins such as beans, eggs, chicken, and fish may make up the new diet. This doesn’t have to mean a bland or boring diet; in fact, such new diets may be colorful and fun, and very nutritious as they open up new recipe ideas. The dieter may soon realize that they don’t even miss fast food.

Good exercise should be involved too, and this ranges from cardio such as bike riding or swimming all the way to going to local fitness centers in Texas and beyond. The person may even join a class or hire a personal trainer to get better results. Options include a spin class, learning martial arts or self defense, weight training, and more. A person may also visit fitness stores to get the right clothes, shoes, and sweat bands that they need for a good workout. Items such as medicine balls, jump ropes, and dumbbells may also be found there.

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