You just need one more fix. You’re having a hard time sleeping because you just can’t relax. Before you know it…addiction has taken over your life.

It’s a story with a thousand different details across millions of different people. The United States sees many Americans struggling with addictions to drugs both legal and illegal, from alcohol to heroin. Even worse? Drug overdoses are on the rise among multiple demographics and are considered by many doctors to be one of the biggest health crises to date. Should you find yourself growing dependent on a substance just to get through the week…consider treatment for heroin addiction. Heroin detox and heroin rehab are effective resources designed to get to the root of your issue and provide you a means of living your life once more.

How effective are methadone treatments? Are you truly addicted to heroin? Learn more about this issue, and your options, below.

Symptoms Of Heroin Addiction

Before you look into treatments for heroin addiction you need to spot the telltale signs you’ve become dependent on this drug. While it’s highly recommended you meet with a medical professional for a full diagnosis, there are a few signs you can spot easily to determine whether or not you need help. Constant cravings, excessive sweating, difficulty relaxing, persistent nausea and quick breathing are all common signs your body has acclimated to the drug. Back in 2015 over 590,000 people suffered from a heroin use disorder that kept them from living a healthy social, romantic and working life.

The Prevalence Of Heroin Addiction

Alcoholism is common in the United States. So are addictions to meth. Heroin is starting to rise in prevalence for a few different reasons, with accessibility being high on the list. Back in 2015 it was estimated over 20,000 adolescents had used heroin within the past year. Another 5,000 or so were current heroin users in need of intervention. This is on top of another 6,000 that qualified for a heroin use disorder just the year prior. One study found nearly 25% of individuals who use heroin also develop an opioid addiction. The causes for heroin addiction often share a common root.

Common Causes Of Heroin Addiction

Just like alcoholism can be caused by loneliness and an addiction to meth influenced by poverty, heroin sees a common thread in the many hundreds of addiction stories. One study found four out of five new heroin users started out misusing prescription painkillers at first, such as Oxycontin. Additional data saw two million out of the 20 million Americans with a substance use disorder first starting out misusing prescription pain relievers. Another 590,000 had a substance use disorder involving heroin.

Effective Methods Of Heroin Treatment

Due to the intensity of heroin addiction, as well as its varied roots, effective treatment for heroin addiction can seem out-of-reach. There are a few effective options for you to choose from, however. Methadone is one such way of reducing dependency and helping you gradually drift away from the drug’s effects. Methadone treatment success rates range anywhere from 60% to 90%, with outcomes improving the longer a patient stays in their treatment program. Its effects last anywhere from 24 to 36 hours.

Finding Help For Your Addiction

Treatment for heroin addiction is more than possible. Today thousands of Americans who receive a proper diagnosis for their disorder are reaching out to professionals keen on returning their lives back to them little-by-little. Abstinence-based, non-medical treatments for opiate addiction are among the least effective, with a success rate barely breaking past 10%, and your best chance at pulling away from heroin dependency is investing in a methadone clinic. For the last 50 years methadone has proven to be the most effective treatments for individuals struggling with opiates.

You’re not your addiction. See how treatment for heroin addiction at your local methadone clinics could help you see the truth once more.

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